Halloween-themed training tips, homemade pumpkin dog treats, & more....
Halloween-themed training tips, homemade pumpkin dog treats, & more....
Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
Trick or treat! If our dogs had the choice, I think most would choose the latter. So for this special edition of the Positively Newsletter, we're focusing almost exclusively on Halloween so that you can be better prepared to keep your pets safe and happy on the upcoming spooky holiday.  
As for me, I was able to enjoy a few weeks at home with my family before heading back to the UK, where I'll be finishing up filming for my new TV show until early November. I hope your holiday season is starting off with some quality time with loved ones and some extra love for your dogs. 
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Halloween Safety Tips
10 Pet Safety Tips for Halloween
Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. But most of our pets don’t necessarily enjoy fright night quite as much as we do, and there can be extra dangers lurking for them that we should help them avoid.
Here are a few tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy on Halloween:
  1. Keep the candy bowl away from your pets. Candy is never a good idea for any pet, and chocolate in particular can be very dangerous for dogs and cats thanks to a toxic chemical called theobromide. Put the candy bowl where your pets can’t reach it and be sure to lock the cupboard door so they can’t do some scary scavenging. 
(Photo Courtesy Found Animals Foundation)
VS Dog Training Academy
VS Dog Training Academy
Are you going to be among the first 25? That's right; there are 25 slots open for the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior's very first Dog Trainer Course, which will begin in February 2016 and meet for intensives in Atlanta, GA.
Those 25 students will be working hands on with Victoria and a team of amazing faculty and mentors who are all dedicated to teaching you how to be an effective, confident dog trainer who is up-to-date on modern behavior science and force-free training technique, and equipped to begin your new career.
Victoria's Halloween Pet Tips
Victoria's Top Halloween Tips
Victoria discusses four tips to help you keep your dog safe and happy during Halloween on this episode of Teacher's Pet.
Pumpkin & Banana Dog Treats
Grain Free Pumpkin Dog Treats
These pumpkin and banana dog treats are not only delicious, but they're also healthy. I love being able to offer my dog a yummy cookie that's both grain free and dairy free. She's not so concerned about the healthiness of the treat; she just wants as many as I'm willing to give her.
That said, you won't mind giving your mutt a lot of these cute little goodies. Check out this fun and simple recipe (just 3 ingredients!), and then whip up a batch just in time for Halloween.
Recipe Courtesy The Lazy Pit Bull
Photo by Michelle Bennett
Trick or Treating with Pets
Positively Contributor and VSPDT Lorena Patti discusses Halloween from a dog's perspective.   
Okay. I’m a canine behavior specialist, I adore dogs, and yes, I’m the crazy lady that will squeal under my breath and unabashedly ask if I may pet your dog when I see her. So, why would I be assessing if I wanted to approach a home with a dog when trick or treating with my kid? Because it turns out that from many a dog’s point of view, Halloween is, well, scary.
No, not “scary”, like we humans like to experience. Scary as in “There is a monster at my door and if I don’t scare it away I. WILL. DIE.” Dogs don’t know any better, because Halloween costumes, scary noises, and strangers coming to the door all night isn’t covered in the “Living with Humans” manual their dam gives them before they are adopted.
(Photo Courtesy Michelle Bennett)
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Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
In Case You Missed It
Opinions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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worth sniffing out
Positively Forum
Want to get your dog training question answered? Victoria can't get to every single dog training question she receives, so the Positively Forum is a great way to reach other force-free professionals and find some humane solutions for your dog's behavior issue.
No-Pull Harness
Victoria's Positively No-Pull Harness is a humane, effective solution for dogs that pull on leash. In combination with loose leash training, this harness will help you regain control on walks and teach your dog how to walk politely on leash. 
Prong and choke collars can cause your dog fear, pain, and are attributed to increased behavioral and health issues over time. This no-pull harness is a humane alternative that takes pressure off the neck and stops pulling (even in strong pullers) without the use of fear or pain. 
Positively No-Pull Harness
Understanding Dogs
Dog Psychologist on Call
Linda Michaels, MA Psychology is a long-time practitioner of positive reinforcement dog training. She helps puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments, and personalities. She belives that communication is the foundation for happy pet parenting and happy, well-behaved dogs. 
Linda holds a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology from San Diego State University and has a  host of professional dog training credentials, plus 13 years of training experience. Her advanced studies and extensive training background has culminated in the latest science-based training, generously sprinkled with lots of love. 
Need a dog behavior expert in the Del Mar, CA area? Get in touch with Linda today: 
Find a Victoria Stilwell-licensed trainer near you!
Victoria Stilwell in the Media
K9 Working Heroes
Victoria was featured in the very first edition of the new K-9 Working Heroes Magazine. She wrote the forward for the magazine as well as an article about her recent work with police K-9s. 
Positive vs. Punitive Dog Training
Top Tip
On Halloween, give your dog a "safe space" away from the hustle and bustle of trick-or-treaters. Whether it's a crate (if your dog is happy and comfortable in it) or a spare bedroom, most dogs would prefer a quiet space with a favorite toy or bone during this particularly hectic holiday.  
Also keep in mind that black-coated animals can be at increased risk of being stolen or teased by troublemakers, so be especially careful to keep your pets safely contained on and around Halloween. 
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