A perfect way to celebrate the holiday season!
A perfect way to celebrate the holiday season!
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  The Cloister at Sea Island 2023
December 11, 12, 13, 14, 2023
The Cloister • The Lodge
Seaside • Plantation • Retreat 
Sea Island, Georgia
Happy Holidays from Senior Golfers of America!
Is the tree in the Cloister lobby the largest indoor tree in our great country? 
Congratulations to Dan, Michele, Kim & Rick!
SGA Celebrates again at Sea Island
The Senior Golfers first held its Decenber event at the magical Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia, in 1976. This tournament is held in honor of SGA founder Bob Swanson, whose very favorite place to visit was The Cloister. The festive holiday atmosphere at The Cloister and The Lodge, along with the stunning natural beauty of the golf courses, was absolutely wonderful.
The event began with a warm welcoming reception and dinner at The Terrace Room of the Lodge, overlooking the Cloister's Seaside Course. SGA Hall of Fame members Bill Suehs and Bill Cembor were recognized, as well as defending Sea Island champions Tom Coleman and Michele Wallace. SGA newcomers Joanne Evans, Lizzy & Rick Hartbrodt, Mary Fay & Michael Kattman, Alla & Dan McNabb, and Lorna & Ray Mitchell, and Becky & Greg Risley, were introduced, and details were given for the week's events. 
After the three warm but windy days of golf, defending champion  Michele Wallace was winner for the ladies at Sea Island. "As always, I've had a great week here at Sea Island," said Michele. "but I want to say -- my main object this week is to honor Janie Risley on her induction into the SGA Hall of Fame.  I am here for Janie, and I love Sea Island -- it's the most beautiful place in the world. Thanks, everyone, and I hope to be with you here again next Christmas."
Winner for the men was SGA newcomer Dan McNabb, who lives in SGA's hometown, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "My sincere thanks go to each and every one here for making Alla and me feel beautifully welcomed on our first SGA event," said Dan. "I am delighted to be one of your winners!  Also, I want to say to my fellow SGA men -- these ladies smoked us!  Congratulations to the ladies! Alla and I look forward to seeing all of you on more Senior Golfers trips this coming year." 
Low Net winners were Kim Comstock and Rick Hartbrodt. Winning Best Ball team was Greg & Janie Risley and Michele Wallace. Second place team was Rick Hartbrodt and Lorna & Ray Mitchell. Close to pin winners were Kim Comstock, Michael Kattman, Dan McNabb, Lorna Mitchell, Karen Otis, and Michele Wallace. Putting winners were Bill Suehs and Michele Wallace,  first, and Joanne Evans and Rick Hardbrodt, second. Runners-up were Rick Hartbrodt, Mary Fay Kattman, Lorna Mitchell, and Bill Suehs. SGA Atlanta favorites Millie and Tom Coleman were honored with thanks for all their help and support over the years. Congratulations to all!
SGA FoGs (Friends of Golfers) Valarie Castor, Millie Coleman, Lizzy Hartbrodt, Alla McNabb, Becky Risley, and Cynthia Swanson enjoyed an interesting holiday tour of the Millionaires Village at Jekyll Island, as well as lunch together at the Oak Room of the Lodge at Sea Island, and of course, the traditional SGA St. Simons shopping trail throughout the islands.  This year, the trail focused on consignment shopping!  
The Senior Golfers will celebrate the Christmas Season at Sea Island in December 2024. Plan to be there!
Dan, Karen, Kim, Lorna, Michele & Michael
Rick, Joanne, Bill & Michele
The bagpiper signals the end to another wonderful day.

Welcome, Janie Risley, to the SGA Hall of Fame

The magical week at Sea Island ended with the induction of SGA favorite Janie Risley, of San Marcos, Texas, into the SGA Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame was established in 1995, when Cynthia Powell  surprised her dad, Bob Swanson, at The Cloister.  For some time setting up a Hall of Fame had been discussed, and finally, Cynthia decided to take action and tap her dad as the first inductee.

Hall of Fame members are nominated and voted on by those currently in the Hall of Fame.  Members must be serious about upholding the traditions of golf, and must be friendly and welcoming to new and to longtime SGA tournament participants.  They must speak highly of the organization and of fellow SGA members at all times.

Congratulations to SGA’s 2023 Hall of Fame inductee Janie Risley! Janie was welcomed by Hall of Fame inductee Bill Suehs, 2012 inductee, and by Jean Harrington, whose husband Dick was inducted in 2013. Janie's Irish Waterford trophy was presented by 2022 Hall of Fame member Bill Cembor, who spoke of how much he had enjoyed being with Janie on the trips over the years. Hall of Fame members were joined by special SGA member, Ted Thranhardt. 
"I have been an member SGA for 17 years," said Janie. "I have to say, SGA saved me. I had lost my husband and felt lost myself. My children, Valarie and Greg, who are here with me tonight, encouraged me to travel with the Senior Golfers, and it changed everything for me.  
"In all these 17 years and 58 SGA events, I have thoroughly enjoyed the places we've played, and the friends I've made. I especially thank Jean Harrington, Bill Suehs and Bill Cembor, Loretta & Ted Thranhardt, Jean Spradling, and Michele Wallace. all of whom are here to celebrate with me, and I send greetings to, and wish that Carol Preston could have been here with us. It's great to see all of you here with the Senior Golfers of America. I am looking forward to many more SGA events. Thank you, everyone." 
Janie Risley, 2023 SGA Hall of Fame inductee
Ted, Bill, Janie & Bill
Jean, Bill, Ted, Loretta, Bill, Becky, Greg & Valarie celebrate with Janie

Sea Island & Gingerbread - 

A Christmas Tradition

Gingerbread constructions can be found as far back as ancient Greece and even further in China, but for the Europeans and North America, the practice of making gingerbread houses originates in Germany during the 1800’s. As gingerbread was already used to make different forms of art, German bakers took this to the next step, basing their creation on a very popular fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, “Hansel and Gretel,” in which two children are abandoned in a forest before discovering an edible house made of bread and sugar. Bakers took descriptions of this house from the story and began approximating their own take on a gingerbread house. This would be most popular during the Christmas season, as it was commonplace tradition to consume ginger snap cookies around this time as well. 
The gingerbread house tradition at Sea Island has evolved as well, from whimsical tabletop houses to today's elaborate Hudson sedan. The sedan is made entirely of edible sweets, including a bumper of silver licorice, whitewall tires of white vanilla wafers, and hubcaps of icing.
What will the 2024 Gingerbread House theme be?  Experience it with the Senior Golfers next year!
The Sea Island Gingerbread Hudson Sedan

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