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Overwhelmed, with an urgent opportunity to help.

Given the recent increase in hostilities in Ukraine, I'm sending you this email that went out to our ServeUkraine donors earlier today.  My apologies if you get a duplicate; the need is extreme and urgent.  Your gifts here will go to our ServeUkraine fund.  Thank you for helping.
You last heard from me as I was getting ready to head into Ukraine in September.

My trip to Bulgaria, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine left me feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by the devastation I saw in Irpin, Bucha, Pushcha-Vodytsia, and Kyiv.

Overwhelmed that we have been able to give significant help in several areas.

Overwhelmed by the courage and fortitude of our partners, friends, and students.

Overwhelmed by the immensity of the continuing needs, and

Overwhelmed in trying to put words together to report on what I experienced.

That is why you have not heard anything from me since then.

Here are a few pictures from Irpin, Morshyn, and Pushcha.

Coming home.
Arriving back safely on Friday September 30, we had Ukrainians on our doorstep from four days later through the next two weeks. 

Then we were part of helping with the Nashville Consultation on Ukraine held right here in Franklin from November 9-12. Key Ukrainian church and ministry leaders reported on the implications of the war, the history behind it, and the role of the church there. I had significant connections for future ways we can help.

I was in the midst of finalizing my initial report to you today when conditions shifted.

An overwhelming immediate opportunity.
For the last six weeks, Ukraine has been showered by missile and drone strikes targeting national infrastructure. Last week and today have been the worst. Today, friends in the Kyiv region said they have no power, no heat, no water, and no internet except for poor cell service.  Blackouts have mostly been 4 hours on, then 4 off, but some have been up to 12 hours. 

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, said this “may be the worst winter since World War II.” The World Health Organization said today this next month could be the "life-threatening for millions of Ukrainians."

In Irpin, I met with 6 of the 22 families that we have helped by replacing shattered windows in preparation for winter. That will make a difference. The region around Kyiv, Irpin and Bucha was the initial frontline in the war, and there are many others in need.

Here are two ways we can help right away.

Our friends at Filadelfia Church in Irpin have asked for generators instead of more windows right now. They have the opportunity to buy 3.5 kW generators now at a good price. The church can use them to share with people for water, heat, and power. They can even create places where folks can go in blackouts. Generators will allow them to help more people right away in this city of over 65,000 people.

It is a critical time for Irpin, so I will be bold. With $10,000, they could buy 10 generators with some left over for fuel. With $5000, 5.

With the average price of $850, you could sponsor a generator, or $425 for half. 

Could you give a generator for Christmas? 

Pastor Valerii says they will buy as many generators as we can help with. Go in with a friend. Let your friends and church know there is a need for urgent help.

During my time in Kyiv, I also met with Anna, who has been part of our conferences and teaches at another seminary in Kyiv. She works with Bible and Life Church in the southeastern part of the city with refugees from eastern and southern Ukraine. These are senior citizens with various disabilities who have moved to the city having lost everything. 

Anna told me they found a source in Ukraine for heavy winter blankets for these displaced folks at $10 each. They have asked for 300 blankets to give away for a total of $3000. 

At $10 each, how many blankets can you help us send?

Maybe we can send enough for 400 or even 500.

The overwhelming need and the obvious opportunity have pressed me to send this out to you now. It is certainly not normal to send a request like this during a holiday week, especially during Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for all who have given to ServeUkraine and have allowed us to dedicate nearly $100,000 to relief over these nine months. We need to do even more this winter.

Our method is to focus on those we have relationship with, and on Ukrainians who are doing the work on the ground. It is working. I have just seen the results first-hand.

I would like to begin sending resources to them starting next week. I’ll also be sending you reports on my time in Ukraine and eastern Europe, and share some future plans.

Please pray and give now to offer hope to those facing overwhelming circumstances during this war.
Give now.
Thanking God for you working with us as we serve God in serving Ukraine.

Fred J. Heumann, Founder and Director • MusicWorks International / ServeUkraine
...teaching students, mentoring staff, and consulting with leadership to develop programs that will strengthen the Church in discipleship through worship.
...serving Ukraine by serving Ukrainians.
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