Instructions for student registration and approval
Instructions for student registration and approval
Navigate the New AMC: Enroll Your Students in the Competition
Welcome back to our email series guiding you through the new AMC Platform! Our last email provided an overview of the different platform sections. This email will outline the three steps for registering your students before Competition Day.
Step 1: Invite Your Students to Register for the Competition
IMPORTANT! For Both Digital and Print & Scan Formats:
It is time to enroll your participating students in the competition! Log in to the AMC Platform by visiting and clicking the “Competition Administration Portal” button. Select the relevant competition from the drop-down list. 

This portal is divided into "Digital Administration" and "Print & Scan Administration," with relevant competition materials for each format. You can choose to administer the competition digitally, on paper, or both.
Competition Administration Portal with the Student Registration pages circled
Student Registration: The "Student Registration" buttons under the Digital and Print & Scan columns will allow you to invite your students to register for the competitions and manage your student list. 

Copy the “Student Registration URL” at the top of the page and send it to your participants, instructing them to fill out the registration form as soon as possible.
Screenshot of the Student Registration page
Please Note: Both the Digital and the Print & Scan Student Registration pages feature the same Student Registration URL link; you have the flexibility to administer the competition in either format for each participant.

Learn more about approving your students for the competition in Step 3 below.
Step 2: Ask Students to Fill Out Their Student Registration Form
Next, your students will need to fill out the Student Registration Form. Below is a screenshot of what they’ll see when they click the Student Registration URL:
Screenshot of a Student Registration Form
Students must fill out all the fields and indicate whether they consent to releasing their contact information to approved educational institutions. Questions on gender, race, and ethnic origin are optional; students can select “Prefer not to answer.”

Important! Your Digital Competition students will use the password they create during registration to log into their portal on Competition Day. Please have them save their password in a safe place.

For the Student ID field, students will input the ID number your school or institution has assigned them. Please provide your students with their official district identification number if they do not know it already. If your institution does not provide ID numbers to students, you may assign your competition students an ID; please do not duplicate IDs.
Step 3: Approve Your Students to Take the Competition
Once a student registers, they will appear in your Student Registration dashboard. To activate a student for the competition, click the checkbox in the “Approve” column and then the Save button. You may only approve as many students as you have licenses. Students must be approved in order to participate in Competition Day.
Screenshot of Approving Students for the Competition
As you approve students, you will see an updated number in the “Licenses used” section. If you need more licenses, you may order additional bundles by filling out forms on the AMC 8 and AMC 10/12 pages by the deadline.

Your students are now set within our system to take the competition. Stay tuned for Tuesday’s email, where we will walk through how to prepare materials for Competition Day.
Need More Support?
AMC 2022-23 Virtual Information Session: Introducing the New AMC Platform - Oct. 27, 5:30 p.m. ET
AMC Platform Training Webinar: Join us for a Zoom walkthrough on Oct. 27 at 5:30 pm ET to practice administration steps with our AMC team. Register here.

Teacher’s Manuals: You can also find this year’s updated Teacher Manuals now on the respective AMC 10/12 and AMC 8 pages.

Next Series Email: We’ll see you on Tuesday for Part 3 of the series, which will discuss how to preview the competition experience within our new system!
Questions? For AMC registration, policy, and payment, contact or 800-527-3690. For technical issues, contact
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