From:       Michael F. Malone, Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement
To:           UMass Amherst Faculty, Postdocs and Graduate Students,
                Deans, Directors and Department Chairs, Business Managers
Cc:           Provost John J. McCarthy, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies                  Carol A. Barr, Research Council, Research & Engagement Staff
Date:        June 11, 2020
Subject:    Update on Guidance for Reopening Research

Dear Colleagues,
The Research and Libraries Working Group has developed guidance for the participation of undergraduate students (PDF) in UMass facilities, which has been approved by Provost McCarthy. 
Draft guidance on farms, field work and the related travel, and research involving human subjects is being developed and will be shared soon along with an update on the Research and Libraries Operating Plans.
Thank you and be well,

Michael F. Malone
Vice Chancellor for Research & Engagement
University of Massachusetts Amherst
(413) 545-5270
Assistant: Christine Burnett,
University of Massachusetts Amherst
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