Fall 2020 limitations on print materials.
Fall 2020 limitations on print materials.
Tufts Campus Life
update for student publication groups
August 5, 2020
Dear Student Organization Contacts, 
In order to limit the spread of COVID-19 through shared print materials, the Office for Campus Life is requiring student organization publications to observe the following guidelines for the 2020-21 academic year. We are outlining three options: 
  1. All publication groups are encouraged to utilize virtual distribution as much as possible, publishing via their organization's website or on the Tufts Digital Library. Limited hard copies may still be printed for student members and Tufts or organization archives.

  2. Another option is to offer direct distribution, where individuals are able to sign up and receive their materials directly either via Campus Mail (for on-campus residents) or USPS (for off-campus residents), or through picking up a copy during a designated time/location (i.e. The Jumbo Magazine will be distributed Monday, September 14th from 9am – 11am in Campus Center Room 203). If mailing print materials, recipient data must be collected via approved systems, such as TuftsTickets or Tufts eCommerce.

  3. Student organizations who publish printed materials for general campus distribution are required to significantly reduce the quantity of printed materials and may strictly only distribute from the approved black metal media racks in the following locations:
        Mayer Campus Center – upper entryways
        Dewick Dining Hall – main lobby
        Carmichael Dining Hall – main entrance corridor
        Tisch Library – main lobby
        Dowling Hall – 7th floor lobby
        230 The Fenway – Main entrance 

For options 2 and 3, student publications should have all materials delivered to the Office for Campus Life (44 Professors Row Medford, MA 02155) and student members should distribute copies to the approved media racks or direct distribution location. In accordance with the no-guest policy for 2020-21, vendors should not distribute materials across campus or be delivering to individual student organization offices.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

John Wescott
Associate Director for Campus Life
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