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The past twelve months have been chock full of events that have brought us to this timely reflection on the law, its flouting and its enforcement.  The great philosopher Hannah Arendt, author of The Origins of Totalitarianism, brings a powerful perspective to the topic, having fled Nazi Germany in 1933 and escaping to the US from Paris in 1941. Read more...
Back in April, we reported on the illegal logging taking place in Europe's last primeval forest in our article Paradise Lost. Five months later, the battle for Białowieża continues – on the ground, protestors are bravely putting their bodies between the trees and the chainsaws; and on the legal front, the European Commission has taken the Polish government to the European Court of Justice.
BBC News asks 'Will Europe's last fairytale forest survive?'

The French Minister of Ecology Nicholas Hulot has committed to to ending the trapping of Ortolan Bunting, which takes place to meet demand for a cruel culinary 'delicacy'. 

ACBK (BirdLife Kazakhstan) are proud to present the country's newest crack security squad - a dog patrol, trained to sniff out illegal wildlife trafficking.  
5 countries, 11 NGOs, 4 BirdLife partners, 3.5 million EUROS and one enigmatic bird of prey - PannonEagleLIFE is an ambitious five year project to keep the Eastern Imperial Eagle soaring. 
“No civilisation would ever have been possible without a framework of stability, to provide the wherein for the flux of change.
Foremost among the stabilizing factors, more enduring than customs, manners and traditions, are the legal systems that regulate our life in the world and our daily affairs with each other.”  
~ Hannah Arendt 

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