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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #15
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #15
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Spring 2021 #15

May 3, 2021

  • HST 270 & SOC 337 Study Tour Reflections
  • Our Favorite Trips

HST 270 & SOC 337 Study Tour Reflections

by Hannah Sroka MUDEC student
During last week's study tour, students spent two days doing class-specific activities. These activities allowed them to expand on concepts they had studied inside the classroom.
SOC 337: Aspects of European Culture
For instance, Professor Briot’s SOC 337 class has been studying the Croatian War, so they visited a fortress in Knin. This fortress (and the city of Knin) was an integral part of the “Operation Storm”, a military operation that led to Croatian victory. Knin was liberated on August 5, 1995, and is now recognized as the Day of Croatian Defenders.
Students also got a glimpse of Europe’s most venomous snake, the Poskok. “Poskok” means “jumping snake” because it was believed that the snake could “jump” up to six feet in the air to attack its prey. (In reality, it can simply move very fast, which gives it the illusion of jumping.) Luckily, students admired the snake from a distance; it was hiding out in cracks on the fortress wall, so everyone was safe.
Knin Fortress View from Knin Fortress
Left: the Croatian flag flies at the fortress; Right: views from the fortress walls

Afterwards, students visited “Kamenjak”, a viewpoint in Vransko Jezero Nature Park. They saw some gorgeous overlooks of the Adriatic Sea (and were able to see Italy!), before visiting a small chapel and heading to MasVin winery. There, students learned about the winery’s history; it was once a minefield, but it now produces wine and olive oil. Students tasted some of the winery’s food and drinks, and learned more about the process of making wine. They got a bit of an insight into Croatian culture and everyday life, which they had also been studying.
View from Kamenjak Cats at MasVin Winery
Left: AJ Boccabella overlooks Kamenjak; Right: some of the many stray cats that accompanied students at MasVin
For their second class-specific day, students interviewed Croatian citizens about topics like the EU and Croatian identity. They had been studying these topics in class as well, and many students found it interesting to learn about what Croatians thought about these issues. They then spent the afternoon exploring Zadar.
HST 270: Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler
Professor Khoury’s HST 270 class had been studying Croatia’s role in WWII, so they visited the Knin Fortress as well. They compared some aspects of WWII with the Croatian War, noting how things like strategy and Croatia’s role in the two conflicts were similar and different.
On their other class-specific day, they mixed learning and fun while visiting the Lika Region. Their day started at the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, where they learned about Tesla’s life and inventions. They then headed to the small village of Rizvanuša, where they had a great time strategizing and playing paintball. But the visit also prompted solemn reflections on the battles that took place there many years ago.
Afterwards, they listened to stories from people who lived during WWII and the Croatian War, and tried some local stew and pastries. They unwound in the afternoon with archery.
Below: Paintball Team
Paintball students
Many students remarked that these class-specific activities helped them learn more about topics they had been studying for the past few weeks while also allowing them to have some fun.

Our Favorite Trips

by Megan Fogarty, MUDEC student
MUDEC students consider themselves lucky to have had the opportunity to travel so much during restricted measures. With less than two weeks left in the semester, three students took time out to reflect on their time in Luxembourg and their travels.
Junior Caroline Conrath's favorite trip this semester was to Rome, Italy. She enjoyed her visit to The Vatican. She also enjoyed the food and culture of the city, even partaking in a pasta making class. She said the history was very interesting and the architecture was beautiful!
Visiting Rome and The Vatican Visiting Rome and The Vatican
Interlaken, Switzerland was the favorite destination of junior Charlie Wright. Wright spent his weekend skiing through the Swiss Alps. He said the views from the top were breathtaking and that the food served at the mountain was delicious and authentic.
Visiting Interlaken, Switzerland Visiting Interlaken, Switzerland
Junior Maeve O’Malley’s favorite trip was to Lake Como, Italy. In Como, O’Malley enjoyed a boat tour led by a local guide who informed her group of the various landmarks and history. She said Como was full of beautiful nature scenes and the locals were very kind.
Visiting Lake Como, Italy Visiting Lake Como, Italy
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