Protect Your Loved Ones Against Elder Fraud
Protect Your Loved Ones Against Elder Fraud
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October 2017
More than 5 million American seniors are abused each year, according to a recent report from the U.S. government. And the problem is believed to be widely underreported, with only 1 in 24 incidents brought to the attention of authorities.
Elder abuse ranges from physical and psychological abuse, to neglect, abandonment and fraud. Perpetrators of elder abuse include family members, crooked business people, and predatory individuals.
Learn what you can do now to prepare legally, financially and emotionally to secure your aging loved one’s future, and read up on the finacial changes to watch for as family members age.
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Some things in life are certain: Your needs will change and new obstacles will arise. There will be the inevitable surprises that you can’t predict. A change to your circumstances, planned or unplanned, can affect your financial situation radically. 
SAM’s Life Events and Transitions Plan Course can help you navigate these challenges, and includes crisis checklists to help guide you through specific transitions. Ensure that you are prepared when faced with life’s challenges. 
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Extending your car loan could lower your monthly payment and even give you a lower interest rate. But is it a smart move?
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