New Year Activities
New Year Activities
Prescribing Success for the New Year

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It's that time of year once more!
KCMS is committed to maintaining affordable membership dues. By promptly submitting your membership dues today, you empower KCMS to monitor legislative developments and advocate for the protection and interests of doctors within the dynamic landscape of healthcare laws and regulations.

We are grateful to all our valued individual members and the medical organizations that generously support their physicians by covering their KCMS dues. If your organization currently doesn't provide this valuable benefit, we encourage you to advocate for including KCMS Membership support as a benefit. We sincerely appreciate your dedication to KCMS.
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Requirement to Replace Lead Pipes 

In collaboration with PHSKC, KCMS has been working to combat lead poisoning locally and is delighted to see heightened attention to such a critical issue. In a new development, the Biden administration has unveiled a proposal through the EPA to eradicate lead from our drinking water systems by replacing nearly nine million lead pipes nationwide. This initiative sets the most stringent standards in the last three decades and is estimated to cost between $20 and $30 billion over ten years. Its primary objective is to reduce lead levels to enhance public health. The EPA's proposal represents a crucial step toward ensuring safer drinking water for people nationwide. 

Nominations to Councils & Committees

The AMA is soliciting applications for candidates to fill vacancies on AMA Councils for 2024. It is requested that all applications be submitted with accompanying updated biographical materials by Friday, March 15, 2024.  Please visit the AMA website for process instructions and download the most current application forms.

2024 WSMA Legislative Summit

The WSMA Legislative Summit will be held on Jan. 24 in Olympia. Registration is open! 
WSMA's Legislative Summit Focus:
  1. Medicaid Reimbursement: Advocating to allow the state to draw down federal dollars, increase Medicaid reimbursement rates, and improve access to primary and specialty services across the state. Visit WSMA's and share your story SOON! This year is a short legislative session, so we must act quickly. 
  2. Health Care Workforce: Increase investments in education, training, and strategies to promote the retention of current physicians and healthcare professionals.
  3. Scope of Practice: Opposing non-physicians' efforts to expand their practice to include services currently performed by physicians absent commensurate education. 
The Summit will feature updates from healthcare policy leaders, a presentation on WSMA’s legislative agenda, and optional meetings with district legislators. 

Leadership Development Conference

Join the WSMA Leadership Development Conference at Lake Chelan on May 17-18, 2024. Up to five scholarships are available for WSMA members identified as future leaders in medicine. Ensure a complete application submission for scholarships by January 31, 2024.

Visiting with the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association

KCMS had the honor of hosting members from the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical Association (HPMA). The members of HPMA were visiting Seattle to continue their research on atomic bomb survivors. KCMS has hosted HPMA every four years since its inception. 

King County is home to more than 30 survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs.  In 2022, HPMA inaugurated a new exhibit that utilizes medical records to communicate the impacts of the atomic bombing.
More Information About the HPMA

Seattle/King County Clinic Update

Just five weeks away from the opening of the Seattle/King County Clinic. The areas they need help:
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AMPAC's 2024 AMPAC Candidate Workshop will take place in person from March 22-24 at the AMA offices in Washington, DCregistration is now OPEN!

Have you ever wondered how Doctors get elected to Congress or state legislatures? The AMPAC Candidate Workshop imparts knowledge on running a successful political campaign. The Workshop helps individuals transition from the exam room to the campaign trail, equipping them with skills and strategic approaches for a run for public office. 
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