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MUDEC Méinden Summer 2020 #1-Memorial Day Edition
MUDEC Méinden Summer 2020 #1-Memorial Day Edition
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Summer 2020 #1- Memorial Day Edition

 May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

Square Hyman Josefson in Petange
Square Hyman Josefson in Petange
This past year has been quite a year for commemorations linked to the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Luxembourg, of the Battle of the Bulge, and the end of World War II.
MUDEC has been blessed to have multiple opportunities for our students to experience these ceremonies first-hand, from the liberation ceremony in Petange last September to the Thanksgiving 1944 re-creation near Clervaux in November, both times in the presence of the Grand Duke and US Ambassador J. Randolph Evans.
MUDEC Méinden readers have also read accounts from Professor Emile Haag and Ambassador Guy de Muyser about the tumultuous times for Luxembourg 75 years ago.
Today, on Memorial Day 2020, with special thanks to MUDEC Fall 2019 student Alec Hoelker for forwarding the information, we close off this year of commemorations with a link to an article about the first US solider to die during the liberation of Luxembourg, Hyman Josefson. This article was written by his great-niece in the Cornell Chronicle, as Cornell was Hyman Josefson's alma mater.
  • MUDEC Helps EIDE as classes start again in Luxembourg
    • Memorial Day in Luxembourg
    • MUDEC Spring 2020 Yearbook

    School in a Bus-MUDEC Helps the EIDE

    Bus with people with masks in front
    MUDEC, EIDE and Sales-Lentz bus company personnel after the buses arrived

    MUDEC Méinden readers know that MUDEC has a very close relationship with the École Internationale de Differdange et de Esch/Alzette (EIDE). Not only is there a cohort of students from Miami that does their student teaching at the EIDE each fall, but there are also MUDEC students during each semester who volunteer at the school, as you read about last week.
    If 2020 has been anything, though, it has been full of the unexpected. The situation with COVID-19 has now provided an additional opportunity for MUDEC and EIDE to collaborate. Primary school students returned to classrooms in Luxembourg today, although with several restrictions. Only half of the students will be physically present each week, while the other half will continue home schooling, with the groups then switching off the following week. Class sizes are restricted to maximum 10 students per classroom and this posed a particular problem for the EIDE, as many classes have more than 20 students.
    MUDEC is in a unique position to help. After discussions between MUDEC and the EIDE, two specially configured buses will be parked on the grounds of the Château for the rest of the school year to serves as "school in a bus" classrooms. Innovation can come in strange ways, and MUDEC is really proud to be a good neighbor to the EIDE and a good citizen in Differdange during this difficult time.
    Interior of the bus
    Student desks inside one of the buses
    Bus driving in to the Château grounds
    Bus driving in to the Château grounds

    Memorial Day at the

    Luxembourg American Cemetery in Hamm
    Memorial Day Ceremony in a previous year Miami University Wreath at a previous Memorial Day Ceremony
    Memorial Day is traditionally one of the most important days during the year at the Luxembourg American Cemetery, Although COVID-19 forced a change in the program this year, the ceremony was still held, although the public was not able to attend. The US Embassy broadcast the ceremony live on Facebook and their website and you can watch the recording here: Memorial Day 2020 Ceremony and Video. You will learn all about the only woman buried at the cemetery, and the things that she had in common with General George Patton.
    All pictures are from a previous year's ceremony.
    Memorial Day Ceremony in a previous year General Patton's grave on a prevouis Memorial Day
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    MUDEC 2020 Spring Semester Yearbook

    This is in the travel section because it's got lots of travel pictures in it -). It's not actually a yearbook since it only covers the semester. And this semester, it was not an entire semester either, due to COVID-19. And it's not a book, since it's a PDF file. But none of that is important. You got a taste of it last week with the semester superlatives, and the yearbook is now here and has been distributed electronically to this semester's students. Thanks to Shivangi Padhy for her efforts in making this yearbook a reality!
    Yearbook Cover

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