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Our Mission is to support young people in overcoming social and emotional barriers through creative and innovative programs centering on prevention, intervention, treatment, training and compassion.
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When thinking about the greatest impact we could have in 2016 in our community, we looked to data for the answers. According to a report by the Tennessee Comptroller's Offices of Research and Education Accountability, more than 70 percent of Tennessee's eighth-graders read at or below the basic level of proficiency for that grade. Thus, as one of our New Year's goals, we decided to help bridge the gap between students who are struggling with reading and those who are more successful in reading.
What do you think? Do you think that's a good goal for 2016? 
Along with our commitment to literacy, STARS continues to make an impact in the lives of so many young people in our community. Please take a moment to browse through the information below!
"Thanks for teaching the importance of bullying [prevention] in a rad, fun, useful, and interesting way. Thanks STARS!" - Student at Hendersonville High School, MOVE2STAND, Jan. 19. 2016
In this quick read, Lisa Bell, STARS Director of Clinical Services, demonstrates how illicit drug use impacts the family - especially here in the states. According to recent studies, U.S students have the highest rates of illicit drug use. 
Earlier we mentioned the importance of literacy, especially here in Tennessee. This year, STARS has taken active steps to increase literacy by adding two specialized programs, one to our Services for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing program and the other to our Kids on the Block program. From one-on-one to group work, we're slowly bridging the literacy gap with creative and innovative programs to help Tennessee students.
"...I will never forget sitting in her office at Central Middle School, just about every week, snacking and chatting. It was always welcoming and comforting to confide in her about the personal struggles of having to grow up fast from facing traumatic personal issues...Her work with the STARS program has inspired countless students, who inspire other people of all backgrounds to soar to their potential. She believes in equality and inclusion, and her pouring of love and wisdom made me a stronger, more confident middle schooler, high schooler, and now young adult. For that I'm eternally grateful!!" - a STARS alumni about her STARS counselor
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