Rough draft
Rough draft
August 1, 2018
This beautiful quotation, written more than 50 years ago, is from Gravissimum Educationis, the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on Christian Education. It is still relevant for us as we prepare for another school year. The world certainly is in dire need of young women and men who will love God and one another, and who will enrich society with the sublime teachings of Jesus. As Purdue University’s President Mitch Daniels (who is also a past Cathedral parent) shared at his commencement address this past spring, “The world needs people to be respectful, understanding and collaborative to find solutions to problems and enhance our communities.” At Cathedral High School, our aim has been, for 100 years, to prepare our students in such a way that they will be transformed, and in turn, help transform society through their love and service.

Our theme for this school year, based on our Holy Cross core values, is Integrity, which is defined as “honesty; fidelity to moral principles.” We want our students to have Hope (last year’s theme), and that hope is built on the honesty and fidelity to consistently ’doing the right thing’. For our students, this would include steering clear of the distractions that can take them away from achieving their good goals in the classroom and on fields of play, and in all other areas of their lives. Our Catholic school and our Holy Cross values provide a guide and support for our students. The fact that our students chose Integrity as our theme for this year speaks to their desire to be good and just citizens of this world and the next.

As this new school year begins, the usual excitement of this event is compounded by the reality of our 100th birthday. As I type those words, it strikes me as so impressive—
100th birthday! Not many schools, organizations, or people get to celebrate that milestone. Cathedral has been a shining light in this community for 100 years, and we are planning on celebrating it in grand style! Register now to join your Cathedral family for this once in a lifetime celebration. September 13-15 will be a memorable time for all of us, and you get to be an active part of this history by attending a variety of our events. Those events include a Centennial Mass, Harvest Hop, Centennial Golf Outing, Family Fan Fest, Irish Football vs. St. Xavier, and the Grand Gala. I am hopeful we will see many of you during this extra special time!

In the meantime, please know that we are dedicated in a passionate way to preserving and building upon the great legacy of Cathedral High School as we plan for this year and years to come. As I stated earlier, the world is in dire need of hopeful, integrity-filled young women and men, and Cathedral High School is already transforming another group of these type of students. Thank you, as always, for your steadfast support, and please join me in thanking God for our 100 years and humbly asking Him for many, many more!

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Robert A. Bridges

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August 5
Freshman & Transfer
Family Orientation
August 8
Freshman Orientation
August 9
First Day of School!
August 15
All-School Mass
August 18
Freshman Welcome Dance
August 22 & 23
Picture Days

August 23
Meet the Teacher Night
August 28
Parent Meeting - College Application Process

News from Cathedral


• Cathedral High School was founded in 1918 as an all-boys Catholic high school. The first school building was downtown at 13th and Pennsylvania.
• Cathedral’s first athletic contest was a basketball game against the Deaf School in 1919. 
• Our nickname became the “Fighting Irish” after a reporter used the term in a sports story. We had a lot of athletes with Irish last names.
• Cathedral’s first school play was The Prince and the Pauper
performed in 1921. 
• Cathedral moved to 14th and Meridian Street in 1927. 
• Cathedral became co-ed by consolidating with Ladywood/St. Agnes and moved to “The Hill” at 56th and Emerson in 1976.
• Shortly after the move, the tradition of toilet papering the hill began.
• The first ShamrAuction was in 1977.
• The first Irish 500 was in 1990.
• Dr. Tom Greer began the Irish Blessing tradition in 1997.
• The tradition of the Spirit Stick began in honor of student Matt DeBono in 1984.
• Cathedral was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence for the first time in 1988. She has received the honor two more times since then, in 2004 and 2016.
• In 2017, Cathedral High School acquired Brunette Park, adding 35 acres of home athletic fields and doubling Cathedral's footprint.

These are just a few of the countless notable moments in our incredible 100 year history. Cathedral has been blessed over the years and is nationally known for her excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics. Cathedral graduates include a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Olympic athletes, a federal judge, a former mayor of Indianapolis, artists, doctors, teachers, and professional athletes. May God continue to bless Cathedral!
 More at
We are so proud of our students and teachers who spent part of their summer in Ghana. Our Cathedral brothers and sisters stayed with the Brothers of Holy Cross while in Africa. They had an opportunity to meet many wonderful people, including Brother Tom Dillman. Brother Tom taught at Cathedral from 1952-1954. He has been a Holy Cross missionary in Africa for the past 42 years, having spent time as a teacher and now a writer of math textbooks for Catholic high schools in Liberia. One of our Holy Cross values is Divine Providence. "It is God's work that we do, and God is present and active in our lives, our school, and the world."


In addition to Ghana, Cathedral also had a group of students and faculty who spent time at a Holy Cross school in India this summer. We should never overestimate the influences of such experiences on our young people. We hope you enjoy this reflection written by one of the students on the trip, Dani Bridges '20.

"Today was an amazing, eye-opening day, maybe even life-changing. I woke up early to sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet before everyone woke up. That was a great way to start my day. After breakfast, all of us went to a place where nuns take care of kids with special needs. When I first heard that we were doing this, I was worried that when I got there, I would be overwhelmed with very sad emotions. Before we arrived, I had a huge headache and was dreading doing this, but when I got there, I instantly felt 100% better. I went up to a girl (who was about my age) who was sitting alone. When I sat down next to her, before I even got a chance to say hi, she smiled. Her smile wasn’t just a normal smile, it was the most beautiful and genuine smile I’ve ever seen in my life. She was happy. That’s when it hit me. You don’t need to have a fancy house or be popular or have everything in the world to be happy. Privilege doesn’t guarantee happiness. Love, kindness, and most importantly, God guarantee happiness. No matter what situation you are in your life, you can be happy with these three tools. I’m so thankful to these beautiful people who have taught me this amazing life lesson. Today I wasn’t overwhelmed with sad emotions, I was overwhelmed with happy emotions. I know these kids and India will forever hold a special place in my heart."
We are thrilled to announce our new child center, Irish Blessings, is opening this fall in the Cunningham Fine Arts Building. This center is an onsite daycare for the children of our faculty and staff. Thank you to everyone who donated items for Irish Blessings. We hope all of you will welcome Jamie Ruff, our new Child Care Director, to Cathedral High School. Ruff and our new center are true blessings to our Cathedral family.
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