The Pulse of King County Medicine
The Pulse of King County Medicine
February is heart Health month

Have a Heart!

Renew Your KCMS Membership 

What better moment than Heart Health Month to renew your KCMS membership? Keeping dues affordable is part of our pledge because when you renew, you do much more than pay a fee. You power us to keep a watchful eye on legislative changes and champion the rights and interests of doctors. It's about our collective heart for healthcare.

We're thankful for you and the medical organizations supporting their physicians by covering KCMS dues. This engagement shows a deep commitment to our community and the future of healthcare. If they don't already, encourage your hospital to support your KCMS membership. It's time for your voice to be heard even louder.
Let's keep the pulse of our profession strong. Renew today, and let's make an impact together. Thank you for being so committed to improving healthcare.
Renew Your KCMS Membership

2023 KCMS Anual Report

đź’™At the Heart of Healthcare Innovation - KCMS Annual Reportđź’™
Dive into the KCMS Annual Report and review a year of dedication to healthcare advancement. This report isn't just a recount of KCMS's achievements; it's a celebration of how you, our members, have been pivotal in every decision, advocacy initiative, and breakthrough moment. Discover KCMS member's profound impact on patient care, policy advocacy, and health equity. Together, we're not just navigating the present but creating a healthier, brighter future for all.

Take Action Now:

Support HB 2476/SB 6309

In the wake of the recent 3.37% cut to Medicare payments—a change that has placed significant financial strain on healthcare practices and compromised patient care—we must confront the challenges ahead. KCMS is actively advocating for policies that ensure the stability and accessibility of healthcare services. HB 2476/SB 6309 aims to fortify essential programs and preserve access to care for Medicare beneficiaries.  
How You Can Help Make a Difference
1) Share Your Experience and stay informed (links below): Share how changes in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates have impacted your patients.
2) Urge your local lawmakers to support HB 2476/SB 6309, which allows the state to access federal funds to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for professional services to help ensure equitable patient care in Washington. HB 2476/SB 6309 will draw down federal dollars to support primary and specialty care access.

By joining forces, we can secure a more stable and sustainable future for Medicare and Medicaid, ensuring health practices thrive and patients receive the care they deserve. Let's stand together for the health of our community. 
Read More About HB 2476/SB 6309
WSMA 'Take Action' Site

Symposium on Climate Change and Clinical Practice 

On March 28, 2024, UW will bring together stakeholders from across the spectrum of clinical practice and healthcare operations to consider the implications of the climate crisis on our health systems.

This FREE symposium will provide a full day of learning, network development, and practical exploration of critical topics such as disaster preparedness, capacity management, specialty-specific changes in clinical practice, and decarbonization of the clinical environment.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all speakers and registered attendees.

Oncologists Sound the Alarm About Rise of White Bagging

For years, John DiPersio, MD, PhD, an experienced oncologist, has been grappling with the challenge of insurers favoring "white bagging" for medication coverage. This approach diverges from the conventional buy-and-bill method, where oncologists directly purchase specialty drugs from distributors or manufacturers, such as those needed for infusions. White bagging mandates that these drugs come from a specialty pharmacy, a change that might seem insignificant on the surface. Yet, as DiPersio has observed, the implications for oncologists and their patients are substantial.

Research has demonstrated that white bagging can lead to increased patient expenses and reduced reimbursements for oncology practices, presenting financial and safety concerns for patients. As a response, DiPersio's cancer center has taken a firm stance against white bagging. However, when insurers persist in their white-bagging policies, DiPersio and his team are left with limited alternatives, underscoring the need for systemic changes in drug procurement policies.
Read the full article using the link below.


Medicare's Physician Payment System: It’s Time for Long-Term Solutions

The American Medical Association (AMA) has tirelessly advocated for Medicare physician payment reform for over a decade. Despite this, the system remains unsustainable, with temporary fixes and ongoing cuts jeopardizing physician practices and patient care. These challenges highlight a critical need for a focus on the root issue: the flawed payment system. Washington's leaders must collaborate with the physician community to introduce immediate and long-term reforms, ensuring a sustainable and effective payment model for the future.

Seattle/King County Clinic Update

Just weeks away from the opening of the Seattle/King County Clinic. The areas they need help:
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AMPAC's 2024 AMPAC Candidate Workshop will take place in person from March 22-24 at the AMA offices in Washington, DC – registration is now OPEN!

Have you ever wondered how Doctors get elected to Congress or state legislatures? The AMPAC Candidate Workshop imparts knowledge on running a successful political campaign. The Workshop helps individuals transition from the exam room to the campaign trail, equipping them with skills and strategic approaches for a run for public office. 
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