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11 Year Old Boy's Life is Changed

An 11-year old boy whose entire family is from Quiche now lives in a settlement in zone 12 in Guatemala City with his 7 siblings.  They have very little economic resources to be able to survive.

The boy and his mom had heard about the Medical Clinic because they are connected to a "niece" of a lady who is a member of Iglesia Bautista Cristo Es El Camino, Pastor Saul and Dr. Layla's Church.

"Her son", the boy's mom explained, "had been misbehaving more lately, not really doing what the teachers would ask, or listening to his mom, he was more rebellious than usual."  Mom brought him to Corazón de Amor to be checked.  She asked for his ears to be checked suspecting that maybe he had an infection and may not be hearing well.  It turned out that the boy was in a process of losing his hearing abilities.The mom had no clue of the seriousness of her son's issues.

It was through the Clinic's help and Dr. Layla´s orientation, that the boy was taken to a specific hearing loss hospital called "Rodolfo Robles". The clinic Corazón de Amor, payed for an audiometry for the boy and was told that he needed a special hearing device that costs around Q2,300 to Q2,800.00 ($300-$366).   Mom couldn't afford it so the Clinic decided to cover the costs because it would make a "great difference" in the boy´s life.

SO NOW...the boy is able to hear! 

Life of Hope Ministries is blessed by the heart of the clinic, Dr. Layla and her staff!  The medical care given and the spiritual attention to each heart is truly making a great difference in many lives!

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