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Leading the industry in LED technology
Meeting fast-track schedule and LED photometric performance targets
Foothill Gold Line | Duarte CA
Electrical Engineer: Parsons Engineering | Electrical Contractor: Mass Electric
Specifier: Parsons Corporation
Facing a tight construction timeline and photometric targets to ensure passenger safety, engineers of the Foothill Gold Line turned to ANP Lighting for a fast-track solution.
After selecting an ANP bollard designed to deliver low-level ambient lighting, the ANP engineering team performed a point-by-point photometric layout. With a 30’ spacing, the bollards met the photometric targets of 0.25 fc minimum and 1 fc average.
Plus, the decorative architectural bollards perfectly complemented the geometric concrete design and statuary of the light rail overpass.
ANP Lighting Product:
ANP Bollard with advanced Nichia® LED chip
Nichia’s LED
Chip Advantages
50% less energy
High durability,
Most advanced LED chip technology
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