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Also: Fun with pumps and malapropisms (a.k.a. awesome butchered clichés)
Also: Fun with pumps and malapropisms (a.k.a. awesome butchered clichés)


We Also Predicted You Would Read this Story 
We dug out our Magic 8 Ball, ignored all "Reply hazy, try again" responses and identified current cultural trends impacting marketing and messaging. Some are maddening (yes, we mention Goop), some are motivating (read: Greta Thunberg) — all are movements worthy of note that might make you more money. (Sidenote: Damn, that's a lot of "m's" in one paragraph.)  
Priming the Pump for Future Success 
We're a bunch of techie nerds who are also fans of disrupting entire industries with cool new products, so imagine our giddiness when a new client combining both of these concepts approached us. The fact that we got to help name the company and create a whole brand identity? Icing on the tech-disruption cake! (Huh, "Tech-Disruption Cake" — anyone have a death metal band that needs a name?) 

Word, Edward.
You know him, you love him — but you have no earthly idea how many times he butchers common clichés, most often resulting in hidden gems of wisdom that make us all stop and go, "Wow. That oddly makes so much more sense." Here, peruse a sampling of Ed's greatest malapropisms, set against scenic backgrounds to inspire the masses. Because that just felt like the right thing to do.

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