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Michael B. Jordan adopts inclusion policy at his media production company.
Michael B. Jordan adopts inclusion policy at his media production company.
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March 08, 2018
Rubén Kihuen May Run Again After All, Keith Ellison Takes Over Conyers Bill, and Deval Patrick Eyes 2020
Despite more than 100 Republican lawmakers urging the president to drop his steel and aluminum tariffs plan, Donald Trump still plans to move forward. The announcement was slated for this afternoon, but reports this morning say the exact date and time of the announcement are still up in the air. This afternoon, the president will be joined by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to host representatives of the video game industry, continuing the dialogue on gun violence in the wake of last month's Florida high school massacre. Trump, pivoting from gun control, has said he thinks video game companies are somewhat culpable. Hence, this discussion could get contentious. In Russia news, legal experts say Trump fell just short of witness tampering when he -- against the advice of counsel -- asked key witnesses in the Russia inquiry what they had discussed with investigators. On Capitol Hill, GOP lawmakers are aiming to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, eliminate a federal family planning program, and ax the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Dems are threatening to block the long-sought conservative priorities in the annual health spending bill, setting up a standoff and threatening passage of an omnibus spending package to keep the government open. In Sex and the City news, Miranda wants to faceoff with a Mr. Big in a run for Governor?? Actress Cynthia Nixon is reportedly in serious talks about taking on Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) in NY’s gubernatorial race and has begun reaching out to potential campaign staffers. Speaking of, a #ThrowbackThursday question: are Cosmos still on any cocktail menus? We’re kicking off International Women’s Day with this...
  • Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) takes over John Conyers’ Medicare for All bill.
  • Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) wants DHS to expedite DACA renewals.
  • Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) to Amazon: come to Brooklyn.
  • CHC Chair Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) will knock on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) door every day for a DACA fix.
  • Congressmen Joaquín (D-TX) and Ted Lieu (D-CA) question why the State Department hasn’t used funds allocated to counter foreign meddling.
  • Congressman Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Donald McEachin (D-VA) want to know if Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke broke election law.
  • Congressman Rubén Kihuen (D-NV) may run for re-election after all.
  • Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick hints at a 2020 WH run.
  • Meet the Political Director for Senator Bill Nelson’s (D-FL) re-election campaign.
  • Fast Company has a new Editor-in-Chief.
  • WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe leaving for CBS News.
  • Recent report shows women of color vastly underrepresented in newsrooms.
  • Lonny Magazine promotes Managing Editor.
  • Congressman Donald McEachin (D-VA) calls for nixing judicial nominee over stance on LGBTQ issues.
  • Univisión CEO out after IPO withdrawal.
  • Mother of the gun movement switches to Congressional run.
  • Actor Michael B. Jordan’s company adopts inclusion policy.
  • Meet the new OPM Director.
The Raw Word's Claudia Jordan with actor Deon Jones and Michael Eric Dyson on Wednesday.
Alabama State House candidate Quang Do on Sunday with Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA).
Keith Ellison Takes Over the Dems Universal Healthcare Bill
Deputy DNC Chair Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) has replaced former Congressman John Conyers as the sponsor of the Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act, which had come to be known as the “Conyers Bill.” Early Wednesday afternoon, Ellison asked for and received unanimous consent to take over the single-payer health bill that has become a focus of left-wing energy and is supported by most of the Democratic Caucus. However, it has little chance of going anywhere in the Republican-controlled Congress. “We are taking ideas and suggestions to make the bill better, but we won’t do that until after the next election,” he said. Part of Ellison’s plea to colleagues to lead the cause was that he could and would lead a campaign for the legislation, separate from his DNC role but building on the success he’d had as a far-traveled advocate for the party. “Until the platform committee of the DNC adopts this, it’s really more of a congressional effort and a community effort, so we respect the difference,” Ellison said. “But I am going to talk about it as a member of Congress. We’re going to be working on this thing as a team. One of the consistent applause lines we’re all hearing is: We need Medicare for all. There’s a lot of folks who feel that it’s time for us to organize around that. It’s a better policy, at a better price. People in labor, people all over the country, they’re going to be driving the public conversation, raising the dialogue about this.” More here.
Luján Grisham Keeps Pressure on Paul Ryan to Pass DACA Fix
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chair Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) has asked House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-MN) to sit with her for a one-on-one meeting to hammer out an agreement on DACA. She personally delivered a note to Ryan earlier this week with the handwritten request. In the note, which she delivered with a hula hoop since “DACA recipients have shown that they’re willing to jump through any hoop to stay in the only country they know. Let’s show them that we’re willing to do the same,” Luján Grisham called on Ryan to bring up the Dream or USA Acts for a vote. “I want him to know that I want to spend some time with him to talk about these issues,” Luján Grisham told The Hill. “We can start from a whole new baseline, you and I, let's get this done.” The Congresswoman is planning to visit Ryan’s office daily to reiterate her request. Read more here.
Cortez Masto Leads Dem Call on DHS to Expedite DACA Renewals
Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV)
and other Senate Democrats will ask Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to expedite the renewal applications of DACA recipients who have reapplied. In a letter to Nielsen, the members estimate that about 20,000 immigrants have seen their DACA status expire since the fall. The lawmakers called on Nielsen to consider extending protections for current DACA recipients beyond the date that their protections are set to expire. They also want to know how many renewal applications DHS has received, how many have been renewed, and how long the process is taking. “As hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients were only recently given permission to file for renewal, as a result of the injunctions, we are concerned that many of these applications will not be adjudicated before these recipients’ current protections expire,” the letter reads. While DHS yesterday announced that people with pending DACA renewals would not be targeted for arrest or removal barring any threat to national security or public safety, they refused to prioritize the processing of people with soon-to-expire enrollment.
 More here.
PBS NewsHour's Yamiche Alcindor with her new husband, Nathaniel Cline. The couple married over the weekend. Congrats!
TX state Senator and congressional candidate Sylvia García on Tuesday night in Houston with supporters. 
Hakeem Jeffries to Jeff Bezos: Brooklyn in the House
Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)
joins the ranks of public officials making an appeal to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Jeffries says Bezos should abandon Georgia as a possible location for Amazon’s second headquarters and come to Brooklyn instead. Jeffries made his statement in the wake of a retaliation vote in the Georgia legislature to strip Delta Airlines, which is headquartered in Atlanta, of a tax exemption after the airline announced that it would no longer offer discounts on fares to members of the NRA. In a move to Brooklyn, Bezos’ company “will benefit from a more hospitable environment, where it will not be viciously targeted simply for taking action consistent with the sentiments of a majority of American consumers,” Jeffries wrote in a letter to Bezos. “Brooklyn, with its highly skilled and diverse workforce, great cultural institutions and significant transportation options, is such a place.” Bezos has yet to name a location to establish a second headquarters for his giant company. More here.
Joaquín Castro and Ted Lieu Press Secretary of State on Russia and Funding
Congressmen Joaquín Castro (D-TX)
and Ted Lieu (D-CA) urged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to explain why the State Department has not used any of the resources Congress allocated with bipartisan support in 2017 to counter foreign propaganda designed to influence elections and undermine democracies. In the letter, the Congressmen ask the Secretary why the State Department has not enacted Congress’ bipartisan directive to address foreign disinformation campaigns. “Following the Intelligence Community’s assessment that the Russian government engaged in a coordinated campaign to interfere and undermine U.S. elections in 2016, it is simply a dereliction of duty to ignore this threat,” the lawmakers write. “Interference in the United States’ elections and those of our allies, foreign disinformation campaigns do more than simply spread anti-Western sentiment. Such campaigns manipulate public perception to change the facts on the ground, subvert democracy and undermine U.S. interests.” The lawmakers say the Department’s lack of attention to this urgent issue is yet another example of the Trump administration’s failure to use the tools Congress provides to adequately respond to Russia’s 2016 election interference and counter its efforts to subvert the upcoming elections in November. Read the full letter here.
Raúl Grijalva and Donald McEachin Say Zinke May Have Broken Election Law
Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Congressman Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) and Congressman Donald McEachin (D-VA) are asking the Office of the Special Counsel to investigate whether Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated the Hatch Act with an event close to the boundaries of the upcoming special congressional election in Pennsylvania. Politico reports that State Representative Rick Saccone, the GOP candidate for the highly competitive open House seat, attended a February event during which Zinke announced grants to help clean up abandoned mining sites nationwide, including $56 million in the state. The lawmakers questioned why the agency selected a site one mile from Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District less than three weeks before the special election and which is considered a toss-up. The Hatch Act bans government officials from using public resources to promote political campaigns. Grijalva and McEachin say Zinke's appearance in Pennsylvania raises several red flags given its proximity to the election. "Only a full investigation can clarify whether Secretary Zinke violated the Hatch Act when traveling to the PA-18 boundaries to announce [abandoned mine lands] funding," they wrote. "We urge you to pursue it." More here.
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) staffer Keith Fernández on Tuesday with The Hill Latino's Diana Marrero.
Congressman Joaquín Castro (D-TX) and fellow House Democrats on Tuesday calling on Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to protect elections from Russian meddling.
Will Kihuen Make a Comeback?
Congressman Rubén Kihuen (D-NV)
, who last year announced he would not run for re-election after sexual harassment allegations, is reportedly considering running again after all. Sources confirmed to the Nevada Independent that Kihuen has contacted donors, the Culinary union, and even former Senator Harry Reid about the possibility. Kihuen has been accused by at least three women of sexual misconduct, and some fellow Dems called on him to resign. The House Ethics Committee is investigating the allegations. When asked about it yesterday, Kihuen said, “If you’re talking about the reconsideration, I have no comment.” He has until a week from Friday to file. More here.
Mother of Jordan Davis Sets Sights on GA-6
Last year, we told you that Lucy McBath, the mother of slain teen Jordan Davis, was running in Georgia’s 37th State District. However, after the Parkland, FL shooting and the subsequent Congressional stalemate, McBath has now set her sights on Congresswoman Karen Handel (R) -- who defeated Jon Ossoff in a costly, nationally watched special election last year. McBath will now run against her in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. The faith outreach leader of Moms Demand Action has devoted her life to teaching others about the pervasiveness of gun violence. The 1982 University of Georgia grad worked for Delta Airlines for 30 years and is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In 2012, Jordan Davis was murdered after he and his friends stopped at a Jacksonville gas station with their car stereo playing loudly. Since Jordan’s death, Lucy has testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the “Stand Your Ground” laws and participated in former President Barack Obama’s unveiling of My Brother’s Keeper. “This is the time we need to capitalize on this,” said McBath. “Whether I win or lose, it still helps to push the needle on [gun reform]. We have the eyes and the ears of the nation on Georgia right now, and if we can mobilize here, there will be a domino effect.” She will face businessman Kevin Abel and former newscaster Bobby Kaple in the May 22nd Democratic primary. More here.
Shahra Anderson Named Political Director For Nelson Senate Re-elect
Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)
yesterday announced staff changes for his re-election campaign, and that Shahra Anderson will serve as the campaign’s Political Director. She has served in Nelson's Senate office for 14 years, after getting her start in politics serving as a Constituent Advocate for former Senator Bob Graham. Anderson also played a key role in Nelson's 2012 re-election campaign. The 1997 Mercer University graduate went on to earn her M.A. from Florida State in 2001, and she is fluent in both English and Spanish. Nelson also named Marley Wilkes, a veteran of Florida politics, as his Campaign Manager, and Greg Goddard will serve as Deputy Campaign Manager. More here.
NBA star Dwayne Wade visited with students of Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, weeks after a gunman claimed the lives of 17 people there.
Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) on Tuesday meeting with UCF students and National Association of Social Workers Foundation HEALS Scholars Parisi and Luis to discuss healthcare and other social issues.
Kamala Harris on 2020 and Perspective
Politico interviewed Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in an effort to nail her down on her 2020 aspirations. She was having none of it. “I have aspirations to get through this interview,” she said to the reporters, laughing. Last month, Harris briefly angered Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) when she voted against a compromise that offered billions for Trump’s border wall and a path to citizenship for young immigrants. She described the "difficult decision" as a statement on the issue, not a rebuke to leadership. “I needed to reconcile the various benefits and shortcomings of that and I decided that, for me, the benefits did not outweigh the shortcomings," Harris said. She is a Democratic rock star, and there are many who are eager to see her launch a presidential bid -- both inside and outside the Beltway. But, if she does throw her hat in, it will be a crowded ring. There's also speculation about Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and, now, former MA Governor Deval Patrick (more on that below) among others. Harris did share an interesting and noteworthy story with reporters after seeing a picture of a reporter’s newborn:  the Howard University graduate recalled helping her younger sister Maya (a former top campaign aide to Hillary Clinton) potty train her niece while in the thick of law school at the University of California. “I’m dealing with this brutal stuff, dog-eat-dog in school, and then I would come home and we would all stand by the toilet and wave bye to a piece of shit,” Harris recalled. “It will put this place in perspective.” Indeed. More here.
Deval Patrick Hints at 2020 Run
Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who has largely shunned politics since leaving office and joining Bain Capital in 2015, is developing some 2020 vision. “It’s on my radar screen,” Patrick told KCUR, a public radio station in Kansas City, where he was traveling last week for a civic event called, An Evening with Deval Patrick: Reinvesting in America. “I am trying to think through 2020, and that’s a decision I’m trying to think through from a personal and family point of view and also whether what I believe is going to be on offer by somebody,” Patrick said. The 61-year-old has definitely made some moves that look like he’s considering a run. He made the rounds on the campaign trail. Last fall, he ventured to Alabama to help elect Doug Jones (D) to the Senate. And this week he addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference. He reportedly has the support of the Barack Obama team, including Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, who have both privately encouraged him to enter the 2020 race. More here.
#TBT in Pics
Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) with her husband Brian Bowlsbey on their wedding day in 1993.
Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) in the front in the 1980s with his siblings and mom, Mary Alice.
Michael B. Jordan’s Company Adopts Inclusion Rider Policy
Actor Michael B. Jordan has become one of the men leading the charge for a more equitable Hollywood. He announced on Wednesday that his production company would adopt inclusion riders on all its projects. “In support of the women & men who are leading this fight, I will be adopting the Inclusion Rider for all projects produced by my company Outlier Society,” Jordan wrote in an Instagram post. “I’ve been privileged to work with powerful woman and persons of color throughout my career and it’s Outlier’s mission to continue to create for talented individuals going forward.” He also linked to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, led by Dr. Stacy Smith, who first publicly presented the inclusion rider as a solution to Hollywood’s dismal diversity problem in a 2014 op-ed for The Hollywood Reporter. An inclusion rider is an opportunity for top actors to contractually demand that their projects have diversity both on screen and behind the camera. A couple of months ago Jordan tapped Alana Mayo, a former VP and Head of Originals at Vimeo, to lead Outlier Society and grow it into a multi-platform media company offering digital content as well as scripted film and TV content. In addition to the hour-long superhero sci-fi family drama, Raising Dion, Outlier Society also has a reboot of The Thomas Crowne Affair, which Jordan will also star in. Additionally, there’s an untitled project with Tarell Alvin McCraney for OWN, and an adaptation of The Stars Beneath Our Feet, on which Jordan will make his directorial debut. More here.
Fast Company Nabs Vanity Fair Editor
Mansueto Ventures has tapped Vanity Fair Deputy Editor Stephanie Mehta as the next Editor-in-Chief of the monthly business magazine Fast Company. Mehta spent the last two years at Vanity Fair, where she headed up the brand’s New Establishment Summit and Founders Fair conferences, in addition to serving as Deputy Editor. Prior to Vanity Fair, she spent a year at Bloomberg Media running the Bloomberg Live event series, and before that had a long tenure at Fortune, where she rose to Executive Editor in 2010 and Deputy Managing Editor in 2013. The B.S. and M.S. Northwestern graduate began her career in the early ’90s as a staff reporter for the WSJ. In her new role, Mehta will be charged with oversight of Fast Company‘s editorial across print and digital, as well as its growing events business -- including the annual Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York. Congrats, Stephanie! More here.
CBS News Taps NAHJ Member from WaPo
Ed O'Keefe is leaving the WaPo to join CBS News as a political correspondent in mid-April. He joined the Post in 2005 as a homepage editor before switching over to WaPo radio serving as a Producer and on-air contributor. He has covered presidential and congressional elections since 2008. During the 2008 election cycle, he hosted the daily Post Politics Podcast, which also aired on XM Satellite Radio's POTUS Channel; wrote for's Channel '08 blog; and contributed video reports from the campaign trail. After the 2008 elections, he spent four years writing The Federal Eye blog, which covered federal agencies and federal employees in the DC area. The 2005 American University grad covered the 2016 presidential campaign with a focus on Republican candidates. Fluent in both English and Spanish, O’Keefe is a proud member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. The NY native officially joins CBS News on April 15th and will report for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms. “After nearly 13 incredible years at The Washington Post, I’m honored to be joining CBS News on a permanent basis,” said O’Keefe. “I’ve been a viewer and fan of the network, its people and its storied history since childhood, when watching the news was a regular habit. It’s been a privilege and joy contributing to the network over the past year, and I’m eager to work full-time with the correspondents, crews and producers to cover the year’s elections and prepare for the 2020 campaign cycle.” Congrats, Ed! More here.
Women of Color Way Underrepresented in Newsrooms
A recent report shows that women of color represent just 7.95% of U.S. print newsroom staff, 12.6% of local TV news staff, and 6.2% of local radio staff. The Women's Media Center report comes at a time when the nation’s population is changing rapidly. The U.S. Census projects that Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and those who are multiracial will be the majority of the population by 2050. Addressing the dismal numbers, Rummana Hussain, Assistant Metro Editor at the Chicago Sun-Times, said: "Whether intentional or not, it seems like there is a cap on people of color in newsrooms." Starfish Media Group Founder and CEO Soledad O’Brien offered insight, saying, “There are so many microaggressions that come with being a journalist and female and not White. If you spend too much time seeing yourself -- in terms of how they see you -- as only those things, you will lose your mind. Because there are just a lot of slights.” Many women journalists of color say systemic racism, the old boys’ network, and gender bias, among other obstacles, are some of the reasons newsrooms are slow to change. “Many, many talented women of color are rising through the ranks, as they have since the late ’60s and ’70s,” said Ann Curry, Executive Producer, Reporter, and Host of We’ll Meet Again on PBS. “One of the most significant reasons they fail is that men tend to groom men. Read the full report here.
Van Jones last week with the "Dignity" t-shirt and supporters of Helping Women Behind Bars.
Women's March Co-Chair Linda Sarsour with other activists on Monday being arrested in front of House Speaker Congressman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) office during a protest in support of DACA legislation.
Meet the New OPM Director
The Senate yesterday confirmed Jeff Tien Han Pon as Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) via voice vote. Pon was most recently the Chief Human Resources and Strategy Officer for the Society for Human Resource Management. Before that, he was the COO for Futures Inc., a company that helps members of the military find careers in the civilian workforce. The University of Southern California grad, who also holds a Ph. D. and Master’s from the California School of Professional Psychology, is a veteran of government workforce management -- he previously served as Deputy Director of eGovernment at OPM. He also was Chief Human Capital Officer at the Energy Department. The Senate also confirmed Michael Rigas as Deputy Director. More about Dr. Pon here.
Univisión CEO Out Following IPO Withdrawal
We told you yesterday that Spanish-language giant Univisión had withdrawn its IPO offering, and that its CEO, Randy Falco, had no plans to step down. Well, it turns out that Falco will now retire at the end of 2018. In a statement, Haim Saban, Chairman of the Board Directors for Univision Communications Inc. and the Board of Directors of UCI, stated that “Randy came to us and told us that he would like to retire at the end of 2018 when he will turn 65 years old and end an outstanding 8 year tenure as the CEO of Univision. Let me be clear we at the Board of Univision have reluctantly agreed to Randy’s wishes out of respect and the high regard we have for him as a partner.” Saban also said that they had asked Falco to work with Univisión over the next year in restructuring the company and consult with the board on a transition to new leadership. Falco’s retirement comes even though he had a contract with the company through 2020. Read more here.
NLGJA Executive Director Adam Pawlus, AAJA Executive Director Kathy Chow, NABJ Executive Director Sharon Toomer, NAJA Executive Director Becca Landsberry, and NAHJ Executive Director Alberto Mendoza on Monday in Detroit for a meeting about media diversity.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai meeting with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló on Wednesday in San Juan.
Donald McEachin Opposes Judicial Nominee Over LGBTQ Stance
Congressman Donald McEachin (D-VA)
and 64 colleagues sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), urging them to oppose the nomination of Stuart Kyle Duncan to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit because of his anti-gay and transgender activism. “Over the course of his career, Mr. Duncan has challenged the rights of LGBT Americans by working fervently to deny them equality in court,” said McEachin. “His work to allow discrimination against this community, especially transgender individuals, raises serious concerns about his commitment to fairly rule in cases concerning all individuals regardless of their background or orientation. " In addition to Duncan’s fierce opposition to same-sex marriage, he has also challenged the rights of transgender men, women, and children. In North Carolina, he represented defenders of North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which aimed to prevent transgender individuals from using the public restrooms of their gender identities. Duncan also represented the Gloucester County School Board after it banned transgender students from using the school restrooms of their gender identities. Duncan’s nomination has been reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee but has yet to be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. The Fifth Circuit Court is comprised of 17 judges and has appellate jurisdiction over the district courts in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. More here.
Today - Saturday, March 10th: The 2018 Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. Orlando, FL. Click here for more information and to register
Today, 6P: The Too Young to Wed Inaugural Gala on International Women’s Day, celebrating empowered former Boko Haram child brides Ya Kaka and Hauwa, as they share their journey from survivors to advocates. Journalist Ann Curry is among the hosts. Bathhouse Studios, 538 East 11th Street, NYC. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Today, 6P: The Radio Television Digital News Foundation honors ABC’s Good Morning America's Robin Roberts with the 2018 First Amendment Lifetime Achievement Award. Washington Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Friday, March 9th - Saturday, March 10th: The Progressive Caucus Center hosts the 2018 Strategy Summit. Baltimore, MD. Click here to register.
Friday, March 9th, 7P: The March on Washington Film Festival, LA’s Plaza de Cultura y Artes, and Friends of the American Latino Museum host a screening of The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo, a documentary about the life and times of Chicano lawyer and author Oscar Zeta Acosta. Free. LA Plaza De Culturas y Artes 501 North Main Street, Los Angeles. Click here for more information and to obtain tickets
Saturday, March 10th, 9A: Latina Circle’s conference, Amplify: Moving from Intention to Acción. Northeastern University, Boston, MA. Click here for more information and to register.
Saturday, March 10th, 10A: A program to present Full Color Future, a new think tank and advocacy organization committed to changing the narrative about people of color in media, tech, and innovation. Presented by Google, at SXSW. Google Austin, TX Office, 500 West 2nd Street. Click here to RSVP.
Saturday, March 10th, 3P: The Raben Group and the Consulate General of Mexico host a panel discussion, Tech and Trade: Modernizing the U.S.-Mexico Partnership for the Digital Age. Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River Street, Austin, TX.Click here to RSVP.
Sunday, March 11th, 9A: The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Park Bus Trip, 4068 Golden Hill Road, Church Creek, MD. Click here for more information and RSVP to
Tuesday, March 13th, 7P: The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials presents Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez (D-NY) with the 2018 Edward R. Roybal Award for Outstanding Public Service during the organization’s annual Edward R. Roybal Legacy Gala in DC. JW Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Tuesday, March 13th, 7:30P: National Geographic conversation, “Environmental Justice | What's Next?” Talia BufordRobert BullardJon WaterhouseMustafa Ali, and Adrianna Quintero on how the environmental justice movement must adapt in the face of a changing planet. National Geographic, Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium, 1600 M Street, N.W. Click here for more.
Wednesday, March 14th, 9A: The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute sponsors the CHCI Energy Summit: A World in Transition. Newseum, 5 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Click here for more information
Wednesday, March 14th, 9ACongresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD), National Women’s Law Center President & CEO Fatima Goss Graves discuss “#MeToo and #TimesUp in Congress.” 1341 G Street, N.W., 5th Floor. Click here to RSVP
Wednesday, March 14th - Sunday, March 18th: The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation 7th Annual Black Women’s Roundtable Women of Power National Summit: Time for A Power Shift!!! Crystal City Marriott, 1999 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Thursday, March 15th, 5P: The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, National Center for Transgender Equality, Familia es Familia, and D&P Creative Strategies discuss the US Transgender Survey and its implications for transgender individuals in minority communities. Featured speakers include Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) and Congressman Mark Takano (D-CA). Rayburn HOB, Room 2172. A reception will follow. To RSVP, email
Thursday, March 15th, 6P: The Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership hosts its headshot happy hour. Local 16, 1602 U Street, N.W. Click here for more information and to RSVP.
Friday, March 16th, 6P: The Greater Washington Urban League celebrates its 80th anniversary at the 46th annual Whitney M. Young, Jr. Gala. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) will receive the COURAGE UNDER FIRE Impact Leadership Award. Congressman Lewis will also be interviewed by retired AMEX CEO Ken Chenault in a live, one-on-one discussionRonald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Wednesday, March 21st, 5PCongresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán (D-CA)Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), and Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY) participate in The Hill and The Hill Latino "Newsmaker Conversation: Leadership in Action." Editor-in-Chief Bob Cusack interviews them about their values, leadership styles, and vision for the nation. To RSVP, email Keely Sullivan at
Thursday, March 22nd - Sunday, March 25th: The National Hispanic Medical Association 22nd Annual Conference, "Conquistando el Futuro: Clinicians Leading Latino Health Care.” Gaylord National, 201 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD. Click here for more information and to register. Congressional staffers or federal government workers: email for a discount code.
Thursday, March 29th, 8P: Jazz, hip hop, and soul combine in August Greene, the newly formed supergroup featuring emcee Common, pianist and composer Robert Glasper, and percussionist and producer Karriem Riggins. Kennedy Center. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Friday, April 6th - Saturday, April 7th: The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) 2018 National Women’s Conference. San Francisco. Click here for more information and to register.
Thursday, April 12th - Sunday, April 15th: The inaugural Black Millennial Political Convention. The gathering aims to increase engagement of Black Millennials in the political sphere and shed a light on policy issues impacting the Black community. Hyatt Regency Hotel. 
Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
Wednesday, April 18th, 6P: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) 2018 Gala and Awards. Mayflower Hotel, 1127 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. To purchase tickets, contact Heaven Ocampo, or 213.629.2512 ext. 143. 
Wednesday, April 18th - Saturday, April 21st: The National Action Network hosts its annual conference, this year commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Sheraton Times Square, NYC. Click here for more information
Thursday, April 19th: The University of North Dakota sponsors a conference on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Standing Rock protests. Click here for more information.
Tuesday, April 24th - Thursday, April 26th: The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Conference. The Willard Intercontinental Hotel, DC. Click here for more information and to register.
Wednesday, April 25th - Friday, April 27th: The African American Mayor Association 2018 Annual Conference. DoubleTree Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA. Click here to purchase tickets
Wednesday, June 6th - Saturday, June 9th: The Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit. Charlotte, NC. More than 1,000 CEOs, investors, and business experts are expected to attend.Click here for more information and to register
Saturday, July 7th - Tuesday, July 10th: The 2018 UnidosUS annual conference, DC. Click here for more information and to register.
Wednesday, August 1st - Saturday, August 4th: The National Urban League 2018 Annual Conference “Save Our Cities: Powering the Digital Revolution.” Columbus, OH. Click here for more information and to register. 
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