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Miami University, like many colleges and universities, provides opportunity through education for immigrants and others seeking a better life for themselves and their families.  We understand the grave concerns of many over the Administration’s announcement today to rescind, over the next six months, the program known as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival).  The announcement provided few details so we will continue to monitor developments and consult with experts in this area.

The DACA program permits persons who came to the United States as children to remain in the country to work and study. The students and others who have benefitted from DACA are called Dreamers because they embody the very essence of the American dream, striving to attain success through determination, hard work and study.

Our government asked Dreamers to come forward and identify themselves with the promise of the ability to work and study. Miami working through its higher education associations has been urging President Trump and Congress to protect the Dreamers.  I joined with the 13 other Ohio public university presidents  in writing to U.S. Senators last December urging them to support The BRIDGE Act, S. 3542, which would provide provisional protection from deportation and work authorization as currently provided by DACA.

We advocate most strongly for our Congressional leaders to work together to develop a plan to protect those DACA students who began their college education believing in the promise of the United States of America. These students have enriched the learning environment and brought a wide array of talents and abilities to our state and nation. They contribute in numerous fields from education to science and technology, and actively serve their local communities.

Miami University is proud to be a part of the tradition of providing opportunity through education and remains committed to the development, growth and success of all of our students, without regard to national origin, race, ethnicity any other characteristic that makes them unique. 

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