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Ask Decision Makers to Save Energy, Save Birds and See Stars!

Dear Portland Audubon Activist,
We want to extend a huge thanks to all those who turned off their lights on September 30 in support of our 2016 LightsOut PDX kickoff! More than 2,500 households and 13 iconic buildings signed up to participate in the launch of our 2016 fall LightsOut campaign!

Light pollution often isn’t intentional—it’s about lack of awareness. But now there is a growing body of research telling us that it’s bad for wildlife, bad for environmental health and carries some serious consequences for human health. We are working to raise awareness about light pollution, and now we need your help to send a strong message to our regional decision makers. 

We are asking you to send a message to local decision makers and let them know that you want them to promote policies and projects that reduce light pollution in our communities. We have made it easy—you can either sign and hit send on the letter below or you can modify it with your own words. The letter will automatically go to city and county decision makers throughout the metropolitan region. 

Take Action to Reduce Light Pollution
Please take action today to tell our leaders that you support Portland Audubon’s LightsOut campaign to ensure that we’re protecting wildlife, safeguarding our own health, and preserving our access to the night sky!

Thank you for your support to help Save Energy, Save Lives and See Stars!
Mary Coolidge
LightsOut Campaign Coordinator
Bob Sallinger
Conservation Director

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Photo Credits: Swainson's Thrush - Scott Carpenter, Elliott State Forest - Tim Giraudier, Wolf - ODFW, Klamath - Bob Sallinger, 
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