May 6, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

Trump Should Worry About His Approval Rating
Why Share It: Bloomberg political analysis contributor Jonathan Bernstein says President Trump’s approval rating is in dangerous territory six months before the election.

What history tells us about Donald Trump’s reelection prospects
Why Share It: Religious News Service columnist Jana Riess cites various polling sources to conclude that President Trump has an uphill battle to win the White House in November, as no president has won reelection with approval ratings as low as his. The column is a well-organized, historical look at U.S. presidential elections in an attempt to predict the outcome of the next one.
Americans widely oppose reopening most businesses, despite easing of restrictions in some states, Post-U. Md. poll finds
The Washington Post
Why Share It: The Washington Post reports on a new poll it conducted with the University of Maryland that found Americans clearly oppose the reopening of businesses, which reflects other cautions and concerns revealed in the survey, including continuing fears of infection and that the worst of the medical crisis is not yet over.

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