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April 2016
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CCAC Hears about how "A Good City Hides Its Parking"
CCAC would like to thank Tyler Meyr, Principal, Forum Studio, for hosting CCAC’s monthly luncheon on April 12, 2016. At the meeting, the membership heard from David Gwinn, Director of Design for Silliman Group, LLC, a design/build firm based in Hyde Park. He examined current trends, challenges and opportunities in handling parking for future developments in Chicago.
Architect/Developer, David Gwinn with over 16 years of experience in design related fields, offered insight into one of the longstanding development challenges in today’s urban environment: how to hide the car when it is parked.
Tyler Meyr, Principal, Forum Studio; David Gwinn, Director of Design, Silliman Group, LLC; and Greg Hummel, Chairman of CCAC
To open, Gwinn analyzed trends related to parking and millennials and said, “Parking is often a dull topic, but it’s one of the most important factors when we’re looking at a site for development,” which also factors into the recent decline in home ownership.  “There is a rise in apartment living in dense urban areas. Commuter automotive traffic is suddenly declining and there is a rise of technology enabled transportation services, i.e. car-sharing, ride sharing, Uber, taxi, etc,” he said.  Gwinn pointed out that in 2014 millennials surpassed the baby boomers in terms of the dominant population group within the country and are less included to own property but instead rent.  “That’s a major shift!” he said.  
Silliman Group’s work for the property management company of Mac Properties, LLC includes historic renovation and brand identity work, management of new construction, as well as general contracting of their designs in Chicago, St Louis and Kansas City.
The Shoreland, originally built in 1926, is an historic building on Hyde Park’s Promontory Point into Lake Michigan. The 1000-unit room hotel was a flagship property known for being a top hangout and temporary home for many of Chicago’s baseball players and Al Capone.  Silliman Group suggested adding parking by creating an underground parking garage underneath the courtyard, saving several floors inside the building that a previous owner had planned to decimate to create parking. 
The Silliman Group recently completed the City Hyde Park project at 51st Street, also known as Hyde Park Boulevard and Southlake Park with a unique parking problem given the building’s mixed use status including big box retail, smaller shops, 180 residential units, and only 350 parking space.  Gwinn explained, “We focused on parking, how best to deal with parking, how best to right size the market demand and also the use of groups.”   He added, “By working through the Planning Development process, the parking spaces were approved and we now have a shared parking structure in which there are unassigned areas that can be utilized by both residential dwellers and office users or daytime users.”
Silliman Group’s current project is in Kansas City and is a prefabricated project, which according to Gwinn is a new approach to building construction. The components are built in Nebraska, and shipped to Kansas City, and will take approximately two weeks to build 80 units. 
Regarding the project’s parking, Gwinn said there will be 80 dwelling units with 28 parking stalls. There will also be off-site parking options across the street should the demand require it. Gwinn discussed how he and the rest of the team, “Worked with local authorities to get them comfortable with parking levels and also thinking about how we can give ourselves flexibility in case demands change and not overbuilding parking to the detriment of the project.”
Gwinn explained how technology and innovation is revolutionizing parking with applications such as Passport App, Spot Hero App all playing a role in supply and demand for parking. Gwinn also mentioned the Driverless car, commenting, "The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that over the next 35 years there will be a 65% increase in vehicle miles traveled due to self-driving cars. The question is, ‘Does that mean there will be a decline in car ownership or will people still put down $3000 deposit on a new model 3 tesla?’" Gwinn continued, “There’s clearly interest in this technology--clearly it will change how one’s commute could be. The commute will be functional- like riding the train. This is a real thing and it’s going to happen sooner than you think.”
In reference to the new Chicago Transit Oriented Development Reform Ordinance Gwinn said it is changing the environment of the city’s transit hubs.  As proof he displayed a map from the Metropolitan Planning Commission displaying future development and noted how many of them are nearby transit options. 
In response to a question about shared parking, Gwinn said that the city’s zoning department is starting to think different.  He explained, “There’s a shift in the cooperative clauses…office users during the day and residential users at night…there’s more enthusiasm to do that on a case by case basis.” Gwinn concluded, “We always talk about how best to utilize the space. Valet parking increases the functional numbers of parking dramatically, from a self-park scenario. This works because there’s no mover ability requirements that are stipulated by zoning.
Next CCAC Meeting:                                       
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at Rosebud Prime
Join us at Forum Studio on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 for the next CCAC lunch meeting, hosted by Thomas McElroy, Principal, of Level-1 Global Solutions.
Dr. Suzet McKinney, Executive Director, Illinois Medical District Commission


Tuesday, May 10, 2016



12:00 pm -- 1:30 p.m.



1 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL



Thomas McElroy, Principal

Level-1 Global Solutions

Kelly O'Brien at

"The Illinois Medical District: New Vision, Brighter Future"
Dr. Suzet McKinney, Executive Director of the Illinois Medical District Commission (IMDC), shares her plans for revitalizing one of the nation’s largest urban medical districts. Located less than three miles from downtown, the Illinois Medical District is home to four world-class hospitals, over 40 healthcare institutions, non-profits, a biotech incubator and nearly 30 acres of raw land for development. Dr. McKinney offers insight into the massive effort that is underway to transform the District into a more vibrant place to work, visit and live, while establishing the IMDC as a respected business partner that is known for its integrity and leadership.
NEW Location for May, June & July CCAC Luncheon
Please note that the next 3 meetings for the months of May, June, and July are going to be at different locations than on the 2016 calendar that we handed out at the beginning of the year. Please see the announcement above regarding the May Luncheon. We will give your flyers for June and July. Please check our website for further updates. 
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CCAC is pleased to have launched this new membership tier.  As you know, this initiative is geared towards young professionals, and includes dynamic programming and networking opportunities tailored to Chicago’s next generation of leaders.  Through its Young Leader initiative, CCAC is aiming to ensure that Chicago’s future continues to have thoughtful and civic-minded leaders to meet the future demands of a world-class city. Our next gathering is scheduled for June 23. The John Buck Company is giving a Property Tour of their new development located, at 201 N. Garland Ct., Chicago, IL. The tour begins at 5:30 pm with a Happy Hour to follow. For membership information and to RSVP contact Kelly O'Brien at
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