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The milk bank minivan is out and about all over North Texas picking up and delivering donor milk.  In 2014, our van traveled 43,139 miles! 
We asked moms to share pictures of their "bundled up babies".  These little ones are both adorable and toasty:
Amy Vickers, MSN, RN, IBCLC
Executive Director, Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas
Looking Back and Forward
Mothers' Milk Bank of North Texas continues to grow and thrive just like our babies.  In 2014 the milk bank approved 654 donors, dispensed 441,295 ounces of milk and served 100 hospitals.  We also added 8 more depots so that donor moms have more convenient locations to drop off milk.
It has been an amazing year and we look forward to serving even more babies in 2015!
Much love,
Ragan and Brigitte, lactation consultants, in the depot area of Texas Health Huguley Hospital
38th Depot Now Accepting Donor Milk in South Fort Worth
South Fort Worth is now the home of a new and convenient milk depot collection site. 
Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South (11801 South Freeway I-35W)  is now equipped with a freezer on the first floor Labor and Delivery Unit and will accept milk donations 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.
Brigitte Ratliff, RN, IBCLC, a lactation consultant for Texas Health Huguley says, “We are thrilled to offer a location in south Fort Worth for the generous moms who donate their extra milk to help save lives.” She adds, “Mothers will be more likely to become donors if they are educated about the easy process and the convenience of a local donation site.”
New Website Launched in January
You might have noticed our website has a new look.  First impressions are important, so we have upgraded graphics, photos and layout to ensure that our information is more organized, streamlined and easy to navigate. 
Simone Summerlin, Director of Programs, explains, "We have several audiences including milk donors, receipient families, healthcare providers, volunteers and the general community."  She adds, "We want everyone to find what they need easily and to enjoy some adorable baby pictures in the process!"
Guidelines for Handling and Storing Breastmilk
We get a lot of questions from moms about how to safely handle and store pumped breastmilk.

Here are some guidelines, however milk can still be donated most of the time if these techniques are not followed exactly.
  • Mark the expression date on clean, dry, food-grade hard plastic, glass containers or plastic milk bags with a permanent marker so that the oldest milk can be used first.
  • If milk is collected while taking medication, make note of the medication on each container, or contact MMBNT with exact dates of medication use.
  • The shelf in the door of a refrigerator or freezer is not recommended for milk storage because of the temperature variations when opened and closed.
  • Stack milk collection bags flat for efficient storage.
  • Refrigerate or freeze your milk within 30 minutes of pumping.
  • You may refrigerate your milk for up to 24 hours before freezing.
  • More than one pumping session can be combined together, as long as it is frozen within the initial 24 hour time period. Milk should be the same temperature when combining (do not add freshly pumped body-temperature milk to refrigerated milk).
Milk Temperatures & Safety
  • Milk at Room Temperature-Freshly expressed milk is safe at room temperature (60-85F) for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Refrigerated Milk-Refrigerated milk should be frozen within 24 hours.
  • Frozen Milk-Breastmilk can be frozen for up to 12 months. A freezer that keeps ice cream hard   is adequately cold for storage
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