What to Expect During Advising
What to Expect During Advising
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Class of 2024 Hawk Herald #4 | Orientation and Transition Programs | Division of Student Life
May 2020
In this issue: 
  • What to Expect During Your First Academic Advising Appointment
  • Part 2 of Orientation Canvas Course Now Available
  • Register for Orientation
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Assistant Dean, Roxann Sommers working with a student who she is advising. They are both looking at a computer screen.

What to Expect During Your First Academic Advising Appointment 

In Modules 6 - 10 of the orientation Canvas course, you can find information about academics at Miami. There is information about Miami's approach to liberal education, the Global Miami Plan, and the academic curriculum for your area of study. Plus, you can explore academic opportunities outside of your major and sign up for your very first Miami academic advising appointment, learn about the process and support for advising and course registration.
But, what will your academic advising actually be like?
This is a great question, especially because your interactions and connections with college academic advisors will probably be different than advisors in high school. Here's what you can expect:
  • Your advising appointment will be a video call (don't worry - you don't have to dress up). Your advisor is eager to meet you, and the conversation will be better face-to-face versus over the phone. Your appointment will last 20-30 minutes - long enough to get the information you need, but short enough that it won't drag on.

  • Expect a conversation - where you have both questions and ideas to share. Your advisor will give you direction and input, AND they will want to know about your interests and goals. At the beginning of the video call you and your advisor will introduce yourselves, and talk about your thoughts and questions related to college academics and even career ideas. If you're thinking about adding a double major or a minor, you can let your advisor know (though you will wait to officially add those in the fall). If you don't know, that's ok too - it's great to be open to new possibilities! 

  • You'll focus on how to begin meeting course requirements for the Miami Plan, and your college and/or major. This includes credit from AP exams or CCP courses, and math and foreign language placement (if applicable).

  • Your goal is to get direction for fall semester courses. In addition to any pre-registered courses (which may be added to your schedule in advance), you will discuss your options and approach to choosing courses for fall. You don't have to finalize your four-year plan, or have everything figured out right now.

  • There will be more support during registration. Your advisor will make sure you know the date and time when you'll register for classes, and how to contact an advisor for additional direction, answers, and troubleshooting during that process. 
If you have more questions about what to expect from advising, submit your question to the Since You Asked advice column!  The Since You Asked column will begin next week; student leaders will answer the questions you have right here in the Hawk Herald. You can also contact us at Orientation and Transition Programs (see our contact info below).
Pro Tips for Academic Advising
  • Review Canvas Modules 6 - 10 ahead of your academic advising appointment. Even though you will have already completed those modules, it is a good idea to review pertinent information before your academic advising appointment.

  • Review the New Student Guidebook for information about your college and major. Be sure to review the Global Miami Plan (p. 18), the guides for placement tests/AP credit (p. 28), and the steps for beginning your academic plan (p. 108), including the recommended courses for your major.  

  • Prepare a list of questions you have ahead of your appointment. You can talk about these questions during your appointment with your advisor.

  • Talk with family members about your plans ahead of your appointment; you should plan for your academic advising appointment to be just between you and your advisor.

Part 2 of the Orientation Canvas Course Now Available

Many of you have already begun working on the first part of the orientation Canvas course, where you have engaged with information about campus resources, your academic curriculum, and how to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. Part 2 of the orientation Canvas course features information about Miami's vibrant campus community -- you'll start to imagine your life on campus. Topics in part 2 of the orientation Canvas course include:
  • life in the residence halls
  • getting involved on campus
  • advice and insights from current students
  • services on campus
  • connecting with the Student Orientation Undergraduate Leaders (SOULs)
  • campus policies and expectations
  • Miami traditions
To return the orientation Canvas site:
  • Navigate to myMiami. Login using your Miami UniqueID and password.
  • Under Quick Tools on the left side of the screen, click on the Canvas button.
  • If you are logging in to Canvas for the first time, an invitation to the orientation Canvas course will be in your inbox.

As a reminder, you will need to work through the orientation Canvas course in sequential order, so if you haven't begun the orientation material yet, you'll start with Module 1. 

Register for Orientation
If you haven't received an invitation to the orientation Canvas course, it is likely that you have not yet registered for orientation. To do so, log in to our registration system and register for orientation. This process should take you less than 10 minutes. We’ll ask you to self-report AP or CCP credits you’re expecting, request accommodations for any disabilities, and share contact information for family or guests who should receive information about family orientation. You can also change your major when you register for orientation. You will receive an invitation to the orientation Canvas course within one business day of completing your orientation registration. 
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