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March 2017
Discover Your LifeValues
Have you ever wondered why you feel good about spending money on vacations, but avoid saving for retirement? Or why you buy new golf clubs, but procrastinate when it comes to giving your kids an allowance?
Most of us don’t realize what’s behind the thousands of financial decisions we make. The answer may lie in your unique LifeValues and how they influence your financial decision making.   
The first step to getting smart about money is to better understand how you feel about it. Understanding your LifeValues — the Inner, Social, Physical and Financial drivers that impact your financial decisions — can help clarify your goals and priorities. 
When completing the quiz, quickly choose only one answer to each question. Be honest with yourself and remember that there is no “wrong" answer, only your personal preference. Then, take what you have learned about yourself to make your financial life work better for you. 
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