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The Importance of Social Emotional Learning
Social and emotional learning (SEL) refers to development that affects relationships and social interactions. The focus of SEL is on helping children to manage their emotions and develop empathy for others. These are foundational skills for building relationships and helping children make responsible and caring decisions. 
So, what can you do to support your child's SEL? 
Children need strong models for social and emotional learning. When adults use self-talk when modeling kindness, good decision-making and empathy for others. children both observe this behavior and gain an understanding of why the behavior is being used. 
Dramatic and pretend play are also rich opportunities to practice SEL. During pretend play, children can "try on" different roles and perspectives other than their own. This allows them to practice different situations when they are not feeling strong emotions. 
Adults can help children navigate their emotions by giving them the vocabulary to talk about their feelings and suggestions for dealing with this emotion. For example, an adult could say, "I know it is upseting when your block tower fell. Would you like me to help you rebuild it?" Labeling your own emotions and pointing out emotions when reading books can also help children in identifying emotions.

A common misconception is that social-emotional skills develop naturally. While this may be true for some children and for some skills, this area of development should be given equal attention in the early years. Consequences of poor social emotional skills include low self-esteem, lack of impulse control, poor problem-solving skills and deficiency of empathy in other (Commmittee for Children, 2021). Children who have strong social-emotional skills are not only better at navigating social sitations, but benefit academically. 
At the ECELP, we focus on children's holistic development and strive to create supportive environments to support SEL.
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For more information on supporting your child's SEL, visit NAEYC's SEL family webpage.
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Teacher of the Month - Demika Gilmore
Ms. Demika graduated from Southern University with a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Child Development and has been working with young children since 2010. She always loved working with young children and believes in providing young children with a warm, positive, safe and loving environment that offers a wide variety of activities and hands-on experiences that promote learning.

 We are fortunate to have Ms. Demika as part of the ECELP team!
On April 27, 2021, Gov. John Bel Edwards issued Proclamation No. 79 JBE 2021, which requires all early childhood facilities to continue to require all students, employees, and visitors to wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth. This proclamation remains in effect and may be found in Section 3.D of the Governor's Proclamation.

This is a link to the current OPH Guidelines for Early Learning Centers. To find general information about COVID-19, contact the Louisiana 211 Network by dialing 211, or text the keyword LACOVID to 898-211 for the most current information about the pandemic as it becomes available. The CDC COVID-19 website, as well as the Louisiana Department of Health website, are also helpful resources.
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Baby tiger standing up ready to hug you with a purple heart on his chest
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