We believe EVERYONE has the potential to be a leader! 

At LEAD we help students to develop as effective, ethical leaders through a series of workshops, conferences, classes, speakers, dialogues, and retreats. Our programs provide opportunities to develop a strong sense of self, augment critical thinking and interpersonal skills, develop global and cultural competencies, and cultivate organizational skills for transition into the professional world.

Leadership Mason Conference

The annual Leadership Mason Conference held on October 23rd was a huge success for the Mason community! Over 60 students participated in the many leadership training workshops, including Leadership & Kindness through Disney’s Lens and The Good Place: Ethics & Leadership, two programs designed by our very own Leadership Consultants. Students were able to learn more about leadership in our five different focus areas, including (1) student activism and civic engagement, (2) well-being, self-care, and community care, (3) ethical leadership, (4) diversity, inclusion, and identity development, and (5) career exploration and mentoring. The conference featured a fantastic workshop from our keynote speaker Dr. Al Fuertes, who led students in discussions about the importance of healing spaces for community development. Prior to the conference 58% of participants agreed or strongly agreed with the following statement: "I have identified a variety of practical things that I can do as a leader to promote healing for myself and others." At the end of the conference 92% agreed or strongly agreed- a jump of 34% in just 1 day! Additionally, in the final evaluation, 97% of participants agreed or strongly agreed with the following statements: "I enjoyed the conference" and "I learned something useful at the conference." The LEAD Office is proud to have offered students the chance to strengthen and enhance their natural leadership abilities, all while engaging and connecting with the Mason community. We look forward to next year’s conference!

Alumni Leadership Speaker Series

At the LEAD office on Tuesday, October 19th, we had our first rendition of the Alumni Leadership Speaker Series for the semester on dealing with imposter syndrome. In this virtual event we hosted a panel of alumni and asked them about their experiences with imposter syndrome in both the workforce and their previous undergrad and grad school years. The alumni provided us with helpful insight and tips on how we could deal with imposter syndrome as well as understand its potential impact on our experiences and outlook. We are looking forward to our upcoming Alumni Leadership Speaker Series which will be held virtually on Monday, November 29th from 5:30pm - 6:30pm on Zoom. Please come and join us as we discuss the topic of Leadership and Internships, and to learn how your leadership skills can map onto and enrich your internship experiences! Register: CLICK HERE

Leadership Connection Hour

On Wednesday, October 27th, the LEAD office had our second Leadership Connection Hour of the Fall semester which focused on discovering one’s leadership style as well as developing one’s leadership capabilities and efficacy through the creation of their own leadership guide. The Connection Hour took place in The Hub in meeting rooms 3-5, and gave attendees the chance to sit down and find the leadership style that best fits the goals that they are trying to achieve as well as their leadership abilities. Each attendee created their own booklet where they identified their values, leadership mentors, personality traits, passions, motivations, and areas for growth. We are looking forward to our upcoming Leadership Connection Hour which will be held on Wednesday, November 17th from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in The Hub in meeting rooms 3-5. Please come and join us! Register: CLICK HERE

Right, Wrong or Different:

Are Countries Hoarding COVID-19 Vaccines Should They Be?

(Part of International Education Week) 
Tuesday, 16 November 2021
6:30pm-8:30pm; Merten Hall, Room 1201 (Fairfax Campus)
FREE t-shirt for those who attend the discussion!
“Right, Wrong or Different?” is a co-curricular experience that allows for international and domestic students to participate in a discussion with Mason faculty members and other students about whether or not there are universal values/ethics. The program is designed to be interactive and engaging for students as they interact with one another and faculty members around extremely important global topics. Do we all share certain values no matter where we come from? Does our culture determine right and wrong or do values cut across cultural differences? Are you sure where you stand, or does it depend? 

We invite all Mason students  to join our "Right, Wrong or Different?" interactive dialogue with other Mason students and faculty, to explore how culture—our own and others’—affects how we perceive, interact, and lead. This program is designed to bring together international and domestic students for conversations across difference. To register: CLICK HERE

Leadership Advocate (LA) Meetings

Every Tuesday, from 7:30pm-8:30pm

The LEAD Office hosts weekly Leadership Advocate Meetings on Tuesdays from 7:30pm-8:30pm where you can learn more about leadership and team building from our wonderful Leadership Consultants! See the fall schedule for meetings here.
Do you have a passion for ethics and leadership, a commitment to sustainable service, a willingness to make a positive difference through active leadership, and a willingness to engage and connect with the university and our community? If you answered 'yes,' then we encourage you to join our team and become an official volunteer Leadership Advocate! Apply: CLICK HERE

Visit Spain!
May 2022 
Application deadline: January 25, 2022
In conjunction with Social Action and Integrative Learning (SAIL), the LEAD Office presents this unique Field Studies course to Spain (3 credits). The trip will occur in May 2022. Students who apply and submit a deposit during October can receive a discount. For more information and to apply: CLICK HERE

LEAD Spotlight:

Amna Rashid

Year: Sophomore
Position: Leadership Consultant
Major & Minor: BA in Economics, minor in Finance

Where is your favorite place on campus to hangout? The Lead office, since it’s the only place that’s not crowded! Also, there’s always candy, which is a nice plus.

What is your favorite LEAD program? 
The Alumni Leadership Speaker Series has been enjoyable because it’s nice to hear from Mason graduates about different ways to tackle career related challenges post-graduation.

What do you like doing during your free time? 
I like to read and spend time with my family.

Interesting Facts about yourself? 
Before starting school at Mason, I spent one year traveling Pakistan.

Anything you would like to share? 
I am very excited to be part of the LEAD office this year! I look forward to creating a positive impact on the Mason community. 
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