RTSWS Dedicates December to Challenging Traditions
With the Holiday Season here, the enthusiasm surrounding traditions is at its peak. Whether your family wears matching pajamas on Christmas Eve, or you always light the commemorative menorah with your sisters or assemble the Kwanzaa display with your relatives, traditions are deeply rooted in our society in many forms.

Traditions are sacred because they develop consistency and a sense of belonging. It's the bread and butter for furthering connection and community. But are traditions progressing at the rate which society is? Or, are traditional values often used as an excuse to undermine the human ability to adapt and create change? For women, upon whose shoulders the weight of sustaining cultural norms and values often falls, traditional values can be a tool that diminishes their human rights. 

This month, RTSWS is dedicating December to challenging cultural practices that subtly but effectively create barriers for women, specifically in the workplace and in STEM professions. 

We're in a time where traditions are being challenged and revamped. As a result, we question how they came to be and the context in how, or if, they fit into our current society. 

RTSWS fights to break the traditional trajectory of women in the workplace and inspire young girls to pursue the M in STEM, a career that is still outside the norm for women in the US and Canada. Follow along this month as we shine light and provide guidance on how to break outdated cultural traditions. 

Read below to learn more about how RTSWS Lead Volunteer, Kim Strand, Head of Fundamental Research and ESG Integration at Franklin Templeton, is fighting to break cultural norms for young women.

Franklin Templeton's "Highly Involved" feature article on RTSWS
Lead Volunteer, Kim Strand!
Congratulations, Kim, for this honorable recognition, and thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to RTSWS and for continuing to empower the next generation of female financiers!
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