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News From the Dean

It's hard to believe fall semester is almost over and the holiday season is upon us. As always, the School of Nursing is bursting with activities and students are eagerly acquiring pertinent knowledge. Faculty members are working harder than ever to strategically maintain quality as we are blessed with enrollment growth. This semester is extremely special as students and faculty are intentionally striving to “Grow in Faith.” 

Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see,” reminds us of this infallible certainty; yet our daily lives are injected with doubt, fear, and worry. More often than not, we find ourselves completely stressed out and paralyzed to accomplish simple tasks.

I encourage each of you to join the SON family in this endeavor: Take the “Faith Challenge”… intentionally ask God to take away your daily fears and trust Him fully. Ask Jesus to help you make faithfulness a habit.

Having faith in God does not mean we are fearless; it means God is greater than our fear. This is a lifelong journey, but an area we can grow in daily. Thank you, God, for encouraging us not to fear because we have the presence of your precious Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Growing in faith,

Angie Mickle, R.N., D.N.P.
Dean, School of Nursing

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New Grad Programs Further School of Nursing's Mission

The M.S.N. program is expanding graduate offerings that align with the School of Nursing's mission while meeting market demands. The newest areas of focus are Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Improvement and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Nursing leadership has never been more important, as nurses are critical partners in improving healthcare delivery through strategic decision-making and leading quality and safety endeavors. Pediatric nurse practitioners are meeting critical needs in pediatric primary care. A recent article in the Journal of Pediatric Health Care identified a potential shortage of pediatric nurse practitioners serving in pediatric primary care. What an incredible opportunity for our graduates to share the love of Christ through advanced nursing practice!

As we are expanding our offerings in the graduate program, we are thankful for the M.S.N. faculty and adjuncts committed to academic excellence and educating nurses that are competent and compassionate. It is our desire that the M.S.N. program bring Him glory and honor.

New B.S.N. Initiatives Serve Record Number of Students

With another record enrollment this fall, the B.S.N. program has instituted two new initiatives that provide resources and assistance to our greatest resources, our students. These initiatives will help students achieve academic success and clinical compliance.
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Students Benefit From Interprofessional Experiences

Students in NSG-3930 (third-year nursing students) and PHAR-6111 (first-year professional year pharmacy students) are benefitting from interprofessional presentations this semester. Nursing students identify a practice issue and use an evidence-based process that includes generating a research question and pulling and evaluating literature to provide a recommendation for the practice. Pharmacy students take a research topic, refine it from the literature, and generate a research proposal for their Pharm.D. project that they will work on for the next three years. The nursing and pharmacy students then participate in two interprofessional active learning sessions on interprofessional communication, where they practice working through communication scenarios. Then, at the end of the semester, they create a poster summary of their respective projects and present their work in an interprofessional poster session. Faculty pairs of nursing and pharmacy faculty evaluate their work and interprofessional communication skills, and students can see the work of others.

Nursing Student Wins Writing Contest

We celebrate the creativity of our students! Junior nursing student Sarah Groh won the National Day of Writing contest sponsored by Cedarville's Writing Center. Sarah's story – "I Am the New Little Girl" – depicts her emotional experience working as a nurse's aid over the summer.

Using Nursing as a Ministry for Christ

During this last year, Cedarville School of Nursing has lived out our vision of using nursing as a ministry for Christ. Partnering with Global Outreach, Cedarville nursing students have covered the globe!
In Summer 2019, a collaborative team of four B.S.N. and two M.S.N. students traveled to Ecuador, under the leadership of Prof. Cliff Fawcett and Dr. Kim Higginbotham. While there, M.S.N. students performed more than 500 well child physical examinations, while the undergraduate students assisted with vital signs and health teaching. Each child receiving healthcare was sponsored by Compassion International.

Looking to the 2020 spring break teams, we will have more than 35 nursing students traveling all over the world, domestically to Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Memphis, and internationally to Eleuthera, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, London, Malawi, and Peru. A number of summer teams are also being formed and will be finalized in January.
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