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 Issue 2  •  November 7, 2018                                                                                       PMI Grants Team

Is OSP Approval Required Before Proposal Submission? 
Yes! OSP serves as the institutional authority to submit proposals and accept agreements on behalf of VUMC.  There is a formal internal approval process for all proposals submitted from VUMC to an external sponsor including home units of all key personnel (academic departments, centers, and institutes), VUMC Finance, and Office of Sponsored Programs.

What Happens to an NIH Application Once it "Leaves" VUMC?
The NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) has put together a 20 minute video outlining the process from receipt, to referral, to review, and finally scoring. This robust informational tutorial gives great insight so investigators can better enhance and advance their applications in the NIH peer review process.

RPPRs: Annual, Interim, and Final 
NIH recently released a matrix detailing the who, what, when, where, and how of annual, interim, and final RPPRs.  The matrix is available on NIH's website here.

Annual Biosafety Refresher Training  
The CDC, NIH, and OSHA Biosafety-related standards require initial and annual training for personnel working with biological materials subject to those standards. Training schedule available here.
NIH Submission Deadlines 
Series Fellowships (Including F31 Diversity) (New, Renewal, Resubmission). VUMC Routing: 11/28,  Sponsor: 12/08
R13,U13 (New, Renewal, Resubmission, Revision). VUMC Routing: 11/30, Sponsor: 12/12
Funding Opportunities    
Mary Kay Foundation Translational Cancer Research Grant  Maximum $100,000 award, includes direct and indirect costs over two-year period. U.S. citizenship not required. Internal application due to by 5 p.m. 11/16.
VUMC Faculty Research Scholars $75,000/year, SOI: 01/15.  Deadline 02/15.
Vanderbilt Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program (VCORCDP) Salary support, tuition, travel, and $5,000-$10,000 in research supplies.  Deadline: 02/29.
The Chancellor Faculty Fellows Program was established to demonstrate Vanderbilt University's commitment to supporting and retaining outstanding faculty who has recently received tenure. $80,000 over two years to support professional development of faculty fellows. Candidate nominations by department chairs or deans due 11/9.
 Non-Limited External Opportunities      
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 2019 Clinical Scientist Development Award  Preproposal due 11/28.  Interested VUMC applicants are encouraged to contact Jenny Alexander, (, for feedback on proposals.  $150,000/yr for three years.
Alex's Lemonde Stand Foundation for childhood cancer research Epidemiology grants ($100,000/yr for two years) and Young Investigator grants ($150,000 over three years), are  due 12/17.  Interested VUMC applicants are encouraged to contact Adele White, ( for feedback on proposal development.

            Research Awards Administration Website 

 Are you a Principal Investigator, Fellow, or Student looking for additional grant resources?  Check out the PMI Research Awards Administration Website, your one-stop shop for: funding opportunities, various agency submission checklists, and training.

             Planning a proposal submission in the next 2-3 months? 

 Reference our Grants Submission Timeline.  Key milemarkers, OSP deadlines, and corresponding action-items.  Contact Karin Sack
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