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We need your help to save the homeless pets in Franklin County.
We need your help to save the homeless pets in Franklin County.
Franklin County Humane Society
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Dear Friends,

Are you familiar with the phrase “the dog days of summer?” It was first used by the Romans to describe the hottest days of summer when the dog star Sirius could be seen high in the night sky. Well, at the Franklin County Humane Society, we have a different view. To us, the dog days of summer means puppies–lots and lots of puppies (and kittens, too)!
In fact, it’s a rare summer’s day when we don’t welcome at least one new litter through our front door. And sadly, many of these young, homeless animals come to us with a wide range of ailments that require medical intervention: internal and external parasites, respiratory illness, eye problems, ringworm, mange, and even broken bones. And, of course, like all babies, kittens and puppies require almost constant care and attention.
So, here’s what we do with every puppy or kitten that arrives at our shelter:
We Do a Health Assessment
Every puppy or kitten receives an immediate health exam as soon as it arrives. First, we check for and treat external parasites and look closely for other skin issues such as ringworm or mange (animals with these problems may need to be isolated). We also take each animal’s temperature and examine their eyes, ears, and noses to make sure they aren't carrying any infectious diseases that could spread to other baby animals. We also administer age-appropriate vaccinations.
We Spay and Neuter All Pets
As soon as each kitten or puppy reaches an appropriate weight, it is spayed or neutered. Not only is this Florida law, it also helps reduce the numbers of unwanted pets in our county.
We Find Forever Homes
It’s always hard to resist a cute puppy or kitten, but it takes a bit of matchmaking to make sure each animal finds the right home. We interview prospective parents to be sure the animal they’ve fallen in love will fit into their family forever.
We Try to Stop the Cycle
Of course, our main goal is to stop the flow of homeless kittens and puppies in our county. That’s why we offer low-cost spay/neuter vouchers to anyone who needs assistance getting their adult cats and dogs fixed.
We Need Resources
Your past generosity has helped make miracles happen for the homeless pets of Franklin County. But, sadly our costs keep going up along with the numbers of animals arriving at our doorstep. Any size donation helps and here are some ways to support us.
I’d also like to thank Bud Hayes, our past president, for his many years of dedication and hard work to the FCHS.
Here’s how to help!
Donate $250 or more and get a FREE FCHS t-shirt OR a customized plaque in remembrance of a loved one or beloved pet to hang on our new “Rainbow Bridge Memorial” at the shelter. (See coupon for details).
FCHS is a nonprofit 501c3, so donations are tax deductible. Donate these ways:
* DROP OFF OR MAIL A CHECK: Bring your donation of any size to Franklin County Humane Society, 244-FL 65, Eastpoint, FL 32328. Or send your donation to Franklin County Humane Society, PO Box 417, Eastpoint, FL 32328
* DONATE THROUGH OUT WEBSITE: Go to and use the PayPal link at the bottom of our home page. It’s quick and easy.
* GIVE AT LOCAL DONATION JARS: Look for donation jars located at merchants around Franklin County. Dig into your pockets because every dollar helps a suffering animal.

Doug Jimerson
President of FCHS
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Dear Friends of the Franklin County Humane Society,

Here at the Franklin County Humane Society, it’s been raining cats and dogs all spring and summer. We’ve been overwhelmed with kittens and puppies, many who are in dire need of medical care when they arrive. You just never know what’s going to show up on a given day. Sometimes it’s a single kitten with its eyes crusted shut and on other days we’ll intake whole litters of 6 to 10 puppies, very often bloated with internal parasites or with severe skin conditions. But, thanks to your generous donations we are able to bring these babies back to full health and move them into forever loving homes. Here are just a few examples of the type of little ones we’ve helped in the past few months.
This little guy was brought to us by Sheriff Smith. He found this pup hiding under furniture on a recent drug raid. Poor thing was covered in mange and chock full of internal parasites. It took weeks of care, but this pup is now completely healthy and living the good life in his furever home.
Eye infections are very common in kittens when they haven’t had the best start in life. Sometimes, they can even blind the animal for life. Gloria was a tiny orphan who came to us with badly infected eyes. Now, at 5 weeks old, she’s growing bigger and healthier every day.
Although Lily was a bit older than many of the puppies we get, she is certainly hard to forget. This poor pup was kept 24/7 in a crate, forced to sit in her own filth for weeks at a time and starve. Things got so bad that the pads on her paws were burned off by urine burns. She could barely walk and had to have specialized laser work on her feet to help her heal. Today she’s happy and healthy and in a loving home.

It’s not unusual for us to receive litters of young animals in rough shape. These three Beagle sisters, for example, all arrived with a terrible case of mange that requires medication, regular medicinal baths, and special care. Of course, they had parasites, too.
Newman was barely 8 weeks old when he arrived with a severe case of ringworm. Since his arrival he has been receiving both oral and topical treatments. It takes weeks of care at our facility for ringworm to finally clear so Newman can be offered for adoption.
If you haven’t visited our Rainbow Bridge Memorial feel free to stop by and check it out. Located at the entrance of the Franklin County Humane Society our memorial plaques honor your favorite pets (pets do not have to have been adopted from our shelter). You can also remember special people who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. And you can honor a living person who loves and supports pets.

Get a memorial plaque for a $250 donation. Each 6-x-12-inch plaque will be customized with the words of your choice in white letters on a dark green background.

Your plaque will be displayed at the Rainbow Bridge Memorial at the FCHS, or we can mail the plaque to you for display in your own home or garden. Contact us for more info.
Plaque Options
Again, thank you so much for any donation you can send our way to help the homeless kittens and puppies of Franklin County.

Karen Martin
Post Office Box 417 • Eastpoint, Florida 32328 • (850) 670-8417
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