Dear colleague:
The transition from Box to OneDrive is starting this week: Box accounts will be placed in queue and transferred to OneDrive.
  1. We will let you know when the transition for your Box account is scheduled to begin. Your files and folders will be copied from Box to OneDrive and synced until the transition for your account is complete, some time before June 15, 2021.
  2. Once the data transfer begins, you will see a folder called "BOXData" in your OneDrive account. Please do not modify this folder until we notify you that it is ready for use.
  3. You can continue to work in Box as usual until you receive a personalized notification with the exact date when syncing between your Box and OneDrive accounts is scheduled to end.
    1. At that point, changes you make to your Box files will no longer be reflected in OneDrive.
    2. You can stop using Box and start using your BOXData folder in OneDrive. 
    3. You can still access Box and review your data before Box is officially retired on June 30, 2021. 
This information applies to students, faculty, and staff with individual Box accounts. Additional communications may apply if you maintain Box accounts on behalf of your department or a research project or if you have a different affiliation with the university.
For the latest information, see the IT Service Transition: Box Secure Online Storage Retirement Updates. Questions? Contact IT User Services at or 413-545-TECH (8324).

What types of data can I store in Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint?

With the appropriate configuration and business processes, Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint can be used to support data categorized as “low,” “moderate,” and “high.” It is your responsibility to ensure that appropriate sharing and protections are in place for university data in your care.
  • If you used Box for data categorized up to “high,” or data with compliance requirements, and a risk assessment was performed, then OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint remain a valid replacement for hosting the same data, unless it is explicitly prohibited.
  • If your data has specific compliance requirements (e.g., protected health information), a risk assessment is required to ensure these platforms are an appropriate solution.
  • OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint are not approved for payment card industry (PCI) and export-controlled (ITAR/EAR) data.
Contact your risk management/information security representative for additional guidance at
Still have questions? See our new Service Categorizations page for more detailed information.
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