Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
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This week's theme is outer space. Explore stellar activites, games, and resources that are out of this world! 
With this interactive storybook, observe how the moon appears in the sky when viewed on different days. Continue learning about the moon's phases by going on your very own moon adventure! Observe the moon in your backyard and record what you see to create this Moon Flipbook.
Connect stars together and learn about constellations in this interactive lesson from Ready Jet Go! Then, let Mindy tell you more about the myths and legends that inspired them.
Explore new worlds as you listen to Native storytellers sharing moon myths, folktales, and stories from across the globe, courtesy of the Lunar and Planetary Institute.
Three, two, one, blast off! In this activity from Ready Jet Go!, use engineering, household items, and your imagination to build a launcher that defies gravity to launch a simple paper rocket. Instructions are also available in Spanish.
Can you identify unique beats? In this interactive, join aquatic friends under the sea to test whether they can tell the difference between fun bongo beats. Some beats are slower and some are faster. Some are simple, while others are more complicated. This interactive is available in both English and Spanish.
Explore the different planets in our solar system while baking bite-sized replicas. These planet pops taste out of this world! 
Friday from 7pm to 9pm  
Celebrate Christmas in July with your favorite PBS KIDS characters! Be sure to check the programming guide in your Adventure Kit for more details!
Here are some printables and activities to make Family Movie Night even more fun.
Friday July 17 to Sunday July 26
The Loft's annual summer tradition continues in 2020 with a very special “couch surfing” edition of the Loft Kids Fest, featuring free films and fun every day. Click here for more information. 
Our Summer Adventure Club Bingo Cards are your guide to all things PBS KIDS, with a few local Tucson highlights sprinked in. This month, we're featuring activities from the Desert Museum, UA Poetry Center, The Fox Theatre, and more! 
Complete a row (or the whole card!) and share your progress in the AZPM Summer Adventure Club Facebook group for a chance to win a special prize! 
Explore Earth and Space Science videos, activities, interactives, and clips from your favorite PBS KIDS shows in this special Cognitive Development collection on PBS Learning Media. 
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