Please check the Dropbox website for files missing since the UO IT outage.
Please check the Dropbox website for files missing since the UO IT outage.
University of Oregon

UO Dropbox file sync problem

Please check for missing files after the recent IT outage.

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Dear UO Dropbox user,
Do you sync files from your UO Dropbox account to a computer or other device? If so, we want to alert you to a problem that may affect your Dropbox files after the recent technology outage at the University of Oregon.
A few UO Dropbox users have reported files missing from Dropbox after the outage. The team at Dropbox has identified a rare syncing problem for those accounts, and has been able to recover some of the files.
If you use the UO Dropbox service only through, without syncing to any devices, our understanding is that you shouldn't be affected by this problem.

Action Recommended

We strongly recommend that you check your UO Dropbox files via the Dropbox website as soon as possible.
  • Log in to UO Dropbox online.
    • Visit and click Login.
    • Enter your UO email address. The words "Single Sign-On enabled" will appear. Click Continue.
    • You should be directed to a UO Shibboleth single sign-on screen. Enter your Duck ID and password.
    • You should now be logged in to the UO Dropbox service.
  • Check your files.
    • Are any files missing?
    • Do any files seem to be older versions, missing the latest edits?

If you find any such problems, please submit a ticket at Dropbox support in the UO Service Portal. UO IT staff can help you pursue file recovery.
If you have any questions, you can also contact the IT staff who support your unit or the Technology Service Desk.
Information Services, 1225 Kincaid St., Eugene, OR 97403
P: 541-346-4357  •
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