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Are your images representing your brand?
Stone Soup Creative
The Heaping Spoonful  |  February 2015
A monthly newsletter on branding and design for nonprofits

Every image you share reflects your organization. Each image can be random, or it can serve a common higher purpose: strengthening your brand. You already know which of these options I vote for! 
Many organizations overlook the power their images have to create recognition, enhance loyalty and increase support. It’s like what they used to say about traditional advertising: a customer needs to see an ad five times before it registers with them. Your images act the same way. Each one plants a seed that when reinforced, will grow into brand recognition.
To learn more about using images that reflect your organization (branded images), read my latest post, Want to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Image? Try Using Branded Images! 
Every image, every effort, should support your brand. I’d love to help you unify your efforts for the greatest impact.

Julia Reich
Principal and Chief Soup-Stirrer
Stone Soup Creative

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