Sexual Assault/ Child Abuse Prevention Month
Sexual Assault/ Child Abuse Prevention Month
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
Click the image to learn more about the 2018 NSVRC message for SAAM, "Embrace your voice."
As the saying goes, awareness is the first step to prevention. It's important to keep the conversation going year-round. April is dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence. This past year has been an exceptional one, with the #MeToo movement launching conversations, action, and an environment that's arguably more supportive of survivors than ever before.
This year's national theme for SAAM is "Embrace your voice." Your voice matters! Speak out and show support for survivors, whether through personal conversations, social media, or on a larger platform. Want more information or ideas? Visit the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.
What's happening during SAAM?
  • Look for our coffee cup messages at participating coffee shops around Monterey County. We would like to thank the Crime Prevention Officers' Association of Monterey County, as they will be helping us to attach our information and sexual assault statistics onto coffee sleeves this month.
  • Denim Day is April 25, 2018. On Denim Day, we commemorate the story of a rape survivor whose perpetrator walked free because a judge determined her jeans were so tight that the rapist could not have removed them alone. Wear denim as a statement against victim-blaming and to show solidarity with sexual assault survivors. Post your denim pictures with the hashtags #DenimDay2018 and #MCRCC. Click here to learn more
  • Our MyStrength and My Life high school clubs are busy at work! Each of our six schools will host both a Denim Day and a Flag Day event. 
    • On Flag Day, students will set up 257 flags on campus to represent the number of sexual assaults that statistically occur within the time frame of a school day. They will give out information pamphlets and teal ribbons to fellow students.
    • On Denim Day, in addition to wearing jeans, student club members will run an info table, talk with other students about taking a stand against sexual violence, and pass out denim bracelets.
Flag day at Marina High School, April 2017
Hartnell's SEMAA Staff supporting Denim Day, April 2016
Denise Osornio, CHAT Therapist Intern
Let's Chat with a CHAT Program Therapist!
Our Child Abuse Treatment Program (CHAT) offers no-cost counseling services for children and teens seventeen and younger, who have suffered trauma (sexual, physical, emotional, or neglect) or exposure to domestic and community violence. In 2017, the program provided 1,684 counseling sessions to 80 counseling clients and provided other support and advocacy services to 374 clients.
Denise Osornio, our CHAT MFT Intern, has been with the program since September 2016. We asked her to provide us some insight:  
Could you tell us about a success story?
"One child I worked with had witnessed a murder and was having very distressing PTSD symptoms. The child was so fearful that they were having a difficult time going to school, falling asleep, and going out into the community. The child participated in weekly therapy to address the PTSD symptoms. I used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques with this child and they were able to overcome the fear they were experiencing and were successful in returning to their normal functioning."

What is your preferred type of therapy to use with kids, or what do you find most effective?  
"Each child is different, so assessing their needs and what type of therapy works best for them is very important. My favorite type of therapy to use with younger children is 'play therapy' because it helps children explore life events, process trauma, explore repressed thoughts and/or emotions, through play and language. With older kids and adolescents I usually use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy."
For more information about CHAT or our other client services, visit our website or call (831) 771-0411.
Child Abuse Prevention Month
Our Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Program will also be busy this month raising awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month! They have planned display tables at Monterey County libraries. The CAP Program will also be partnering with La Plaza Bakeries to include child abuse prevention information and statistics on their coffee sleeves during the month of April.
Child Abuse Prevention poster used with permission from Alaska Children's Trust. Click the image for their materials on parental resilience, child  development, and more.
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