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Tank has been with us for many months and his behavioral transformation has been astounding.  You see Tank came to us after having lived his first 10 months on a chain.  Local boys on bikes would tease him and throw rocks at him.  He came to us very fearful, especially of men and boys.
When he first arrived, he would only allow certain people to come close but after only a few weeks, he had made friends with everyone who works and volunteers here.  It was obvious from the beginning that he loves to play with other dogs and he became Mr. Social to people and dogs alike.
 One volunteer in particular took a special interest in Tank and took him out into  public several times a week to expose him to other people and situations.  Tank was understandably nervous at first but he grew to love his outings and all his new experiences.  We realized he had made a huge turnaround.
Why hasn't he been adopted you ask?  Well, Tank has a big bark and like many dogs blessed with this attribute, he doesn't "show well".  Many people associate a big voice with aggression.  That's not the case with Tank but try explaining that to someone who has already made a judgement.
We would love to see Tank go into a home with someone who will take the time to continue exposing him to new adventures.  Someone who has a yard and possibly another dog who needs a fun loving playmate and someone who will love this sweet, unappreciated and great looking dog.  If you are that person, please come meet this good lookin boy!
We're not all cut out to be mothers and neither are cats but what does a mother cat do when she doesn't want to nurture her young?  If she's lucky, there's a nearby nursing mother who will "adopt" her kittens.  Such is the case with this group.
The Siamese in the picture above gave birth to 3 Siamese kittens in the same household the Calico lived in with her 2 kittens.  The Siamese realized she wasn't well suited for motherhood and abandoned her kittens.  Calico mom wasn't having that so her litter grew from 2 to 5 and she doesn't mind at all.
This group was owner surrendered to us this week. The kittens are only about 2 weeks old so can't be away from mom/step-mom for several weeks.  However, if you are interested in adopting any of the kittens or the moms, please come to the shelter, place a deposit hold on the one you want to adopt and we will get it to you ASAP!
Frosty is a 2 yr old Boxer/White English mix and you have to admit, that face and those ears are irresistible!  He came to us as a stray and a little worse for wear.  He had been in a scuffle, was loaded with fleas and he needs heartworm treatment.  Nothing we and he can't handle.
Frosty is sure to garner a lot of attention wherever he goes so if you are looking for a crowd pleasing pup, we sure hope you will consider this uniquely adorable pooch!
We are holding this kitten in an awkward way to show off the spots on his belly.  This baby and another one in the litter have Bengal markings that we don't see very often.  This litter is about 6 weeks old and will be ready to be spayed and neutered in about 2 weeks.
Kitten season is in full swing right now and we have just about any kind of kitten you may be looking for.  We have reduced our adoption fee to only $50.00 to help motivate potential adopters.  To help us reach as many people as possible and increase the chance of adoption, please "share" this newsletter!
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