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Remote Work Edition: MARCH 2020
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New normal: WFH cybersecurity tips

As we adjust to working and teaching remotely, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. Taking our work home with us also brings our home into the work -- so we need to take the proper steps to protect our homes from malicious actors, who never seem to sleep, even during a pandemic.

Make sure you follow our cybersecurity tips »

Recommended remote work tools

As we continue to work in a time of transition, IT Services wants to remind everyone what remote work tools are available, and what our recommendations are for what to use in what situation.
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Recommended reading: Internet 101

Here is a useful reference guide to how the internet works and how information gets from your computer to everyone else.  

In case you missed it...

Remote Work Technology Toolkit

Here is a collection of Miami technology tools you may need to use in order to successfully work remotely.
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Daily Tech Update

Stay up to date on IT Services as we go through this transition together. Find helpful Knowledge Base articles, daily successes, and fun activities we're doing together to stay engaged.

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Online training tools: Hoonuit
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