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Welcome to the Christ Church E-Newsletter!
Welcome to the Christ Church E-Newsletter!

The Marathon

I want to talk to you about your heart rate. A low resting heart rate is a sign of good cardiovascular health. Somewhat ironically, increasing your heart rate through exercise is necessary to maintain a good resting heart rate. We don’t achieve a slower pulse by practicing keeping our pulse low, instead we do the exact opposite to achieve our goal.
Controversy gets a bad rap. Generally, when we hear about controversies in Churches we hear about once healthy congregations being torn apart about whatever topic is in vogue that generation. We don’t hear about Churches facing a difficult issue, hearing each other out, and navigating a way forward without either side getting so upset that they leave in a huff of self-righteous indignation. We don’t hear about these stories because they are boring and don’t make headlines. Self-righteous indignation is almost always ugly, while in my opinion, I think controversy is an innocent victim. 

Fr. Nick
Advent is the beginning of our church year, and I think there is always a sense of excitement about new beginnings.  We begin our church year with an entire season of anticipation and preparation for the coming of Christ.  The secular world, largely profit driven, has been celebrating Christmas since Halloween it seems.  By the time Christmas actually arrives, many people are tired of it.  The joy of being in a liturgical church is, to me, having four weeks of anticipation, four weeks of singing Advent hymns (NOT Christmas hymns), four weeks of getting prepared for the birth of the Christ child.  We sing “ O come, oh come, Emmanuel”,  “Come Thou long expected Jesus”,  “Lo! He comes, with clouds descending”,  and many other favorites.  We sing no Christmas music until December 24, Christmas Eve.  We savor Christmas when it finally comes. Aren’t we lucky!
Lynn Gardner, Organist/Choirmaster
Share in a Special Christmas Moment

Angel Tree

Angels and instructions are available in the Narthex. Please have your gift at the church by December 9.  The party will be held at 2 PM on the 16th.  Give a gift, bring food for the party and stay to visit.  Short on time, big in heart? The youth group will be happy to shop and wrap gifts for you.  Contact Frankie Smith  or Tara Williams with questions.


Beautiful greenery and bright poinsettias will decorate the church for Christmas - and they are all provided by your purchase of flowers as gifs in memory of or in thanksgiving for your loved ones. Order forms are included in all bulletins and must be received by December 14.  Click here for details and to download the form.

Christmas Pageant

Calling all shepherds, angels, inn keepers and more! The first meeting will be on December 2 at 5:00P in the sanctuary.  Tiffany and Rives Coleman and Ellen Bellamy will be leading the pageant.  Help with costumes and keeping angels and sheep in line would be most appreciated. Practices will be on the 9th, 16th, and 23rd in the Sanctuary.

Check our Calendar for all Services and Programs during the month of December.

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