NASA is Working to Make That Dream a Reality!
NASA is Working to Make That Dream a Reality!

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Returning to the Moon! 

Dr. Moogega Cooper- Hear from this NASA planetary protection engineer about her job protecting the Earth from the universe, and the universe from Earth - with a focus on the Artemis mission to the Moon.
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At X-STEM All Access you will hear from the coolest minds in STEM who aim to excite kids about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Watch the Return to the Moon episode live on September 24 or watching on-demand.

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Announcing SciFest All Access!

Virtually experience exhibit booths featuring hands-on interactive STEM content, get an all-access pass to exclusive performances on the STEM Stage, hunt for clues in the Scavenger Hunt, earn points to be eligible for prizes, get creative with selfies in the photo booth, view student projects on display, and so much more!  A FREE event!
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International Space Station Crossword Puzzle

Visit the International Space Station Overview website and click the different sections to find clues to solve this crossword puzzle!

Trivia Tuesday 

Join us for a fun round of trivia! Galileo, launched in 1989, was the first U.S. spacecraft to orbit Jupiter. Galileo entered Jupiter's orbit in what year? Leave your guess on our social media accounts to find the answer!

Spark of STEM 

@stemandplay came up with this fun experiment all about magnets! @stemandplay writes: Explore magnetic opposites and attractions and Make magnets repel from each other. You can make them move away or float above each other without touching them! Find more STEM activities on the @stemandplay Instagram page. 

The Teacher Marketplace

Carlene Burton is one of thousands of tutors on The Teacher Marketplace. She is a proud Jamaican who spent half of her adult life following her passion for STEM education. She earned an M.A. in STEM Curriculum Development and Implementation with Concordia, Portland, OR, and used her newfound knowledge to enter and win STEM Fairs in Washington, DC. Nowadays, Carlene is pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education to promote diversity training among faculty and administration in institutions of higher learning. To book Carlene or another teacher for in-person or remote tutoring, visit
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