AUGUST 1, 2019
Georgia gets bad news on Medicaid waiver funding
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia leaders’ hopes to get the federal government to pay almost all the costs of providing Medicaid coverage to more people appear to be dashed. READ MORE
Hurry up and wait: Docs say insurers increasingly interfere
Associated Press
Doctors say they worry about the growing influence insurers have over patient care. Some are finding that they need more approvals from insurance companies for routine things like medical scans or some prescriptions, which can postpone care for a few days or even weeks. | READ MORE
Study: Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health
Associated Press
Millions of people who take aspirin to prevent a heart attack may need to rethink the pill-popping, Harvard researchers reported Monday. | READ MORE
Trump administration tightens opioid prescriptions for feds
Associated Press
The government’s employee health plan will tighten its rules for covering prescription opioid painkillers starting this fall, the Trump administration said Monday.. | READ MORE
Local medical community confronts opioid crisis (quotes MAG member & AMA President Patrice Harris, M.D., and references MAG Foundation)
Savannah Now
Obtaining opioids legally is becoming more difficult – and experts say it’s for good reason. | READ MORE
U.S. to set up plan allowing prescription meds from Canada
Associated Press
The Trump administration said Wednesday it will create a way for Americans to legally and safely import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada for the first time, reversing years of refusals by health authorities amid a public outcry over high prices for life-sustaining medications. | READ MORE
Opinion: Much progress made, much work remains on HIV/AIDS crisis
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
It’s been almost 40 years since a new disease that we would come know as AIDS was first recognized in the U.S. | READ MORE
Georgia outbreak of Legionnaires’ could reach historic level
Georgia Health News
Newly released state figures on Legionnaires’ cases linked to an Atlanta hotel suggest that the outbreak could become among the biggest in U.S. history. | READ MORE
Mosquitoes in 11 areas in DeKalb County test positive for West Nile virus
The West Nile virus is now in our area. Just weeks after we told you it was moving into South Georgia, 11 traps had virus-positive mosquitoes in DeKalb County. | READ MORE
5 keys to creating a better EHR alert
AMA Wire
Visual design and how it can improve assessing the prognosis of a deadly condition are the starting points for a study designed to shed light on an even bigger question. | READ MORE
Access to telehealth services still low, with many questioning its value
Healthcare IT News
The results of a new J.D. Power survey suggest that, for the patients standing to gain the most from telehealth, services need to be positioned and explained as a way to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of care. | READ MORE
End-of-life care: What to do when physician colleagues disagree
AMA Wire
Rapidly evolving therapies can challenge a physician’s understanding of advanced-stage disease and add complexity to end-of-life decision-making, yielding divergent recommendations from colleagues.  | READ MORE
UPS launches drone delivery firm, plans health care deliveries
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Sandy Springs-based UPS plans to launch a drone delivery company called UPS Flight Forward Inc., with plans to expand deliveries by drone in the health care industry. | READ MORE
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