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Dear Friend,
My personal motto is "I brake for trailheads". I have wanderlust to explore new places and I'm curious to know what's down every path through the woods. I just returned from the trip of a lifetime: traveling and mountain biking and taking my work on the road, through 14 states and 2 Canadian provinces, pulling a small travel trailer with our SUV, along with my husband, two dogs, and our bikes. Yeah, that's like 8,000 miles. There were a lot of trailheads to brake for.
At first it was hard to leave everything behind and disconnect from home and the studio, but it was easier to let go after the first week or so and ease into the rhythm of camping life. Then it became simultaneously simpler and harder to survive day-to-day on the road. 
Read more about my adventure in my newest blog post, The Big Trip.
However good it is to get out of one's comfort zone, it's also good to return to the nest and get back to work - creative design and visual thinking. Scroll down for recent projects, events and blog posts.
Yours in adventure,
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Visual Thinking Strategies for Change
Visual Thinking Strategies for Change
On October 17, Day of Innovation brought together experts, leaders and practitioners of all backgrounds and sectors to celebrate the Power of Together, with workshops that highlighted how diversity, inclusion, collaboration and team building lead to innovation.
I led one of those sessions, and we had fun trying out new visual thinking skills while conveying the power visual language has, not only for individuals, but also with groups - to communicate, engage and solve problems.
One attendee generously wrote me afterwards to say, "You really made me think differently! I’m super creative but I sometimes struggle with how to communicate my messages... this made it really fun!
Note: I'll be leading another Visual Thinking workshop foWorld Usability Day on November 15th at Launch Fishers in Indianapolis. If you're in the area, come join us!
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“How to Plan Your Meeting or Workshop” Case Study: The Process of Creating a Process Map
Creating a Process Map

Students of MG Rush's facilitation training course have clamored for a simple reference sheet of the curriculum that shows a summary of how to prepare for a meeting. After taking the course and becoming certified as a facilitator myself, I designed and hand-drew this meeting pathway for them. In the structure, design and content, achieving simplicity was paramount. My goal was to achieve the highest level of accuracy, and accessibility for the greatest number of viewers, using mostly fun, simple visuals and a minimum of words
Live from HOW Design 2019
Graphic Recording

In the first part of 2019 I had the privilege of scribing -live, in real time, on a large scale- for a variety of organizations throughout Indiana and beyond, from corporate to higher ed to nonprofit, at big conferences, Town Hall meetings, and small in-house strategy meetings. Some of my recent clients have included Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Ford Mobility, Purdue Cooperative Extension, Autoimmune Hepatitis Association, and at HOW Design Live. Learn more about these last two in the links below
Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a visual practitioner, brand strategist and graphic designer. 

Some of the clients Julia and her team have been working with lately include Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Techpoint, Hansen Leadership Institute, and Stax, Inc.

Learn more about Julia and Stone Soup.

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