Love your library!
Love your library!

Winter Holiday Greetings

As we approach Winter Solstice and the darkest day of the year, it's a good time to remind ourselves of all the light in the world, starting at our community library. Next month, the library will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary of becoming a full-service Library District and its 10-year  Anniversary of finding a permanent and beautiful home on Highway 72 North. 
For me, both these milestones feel more important than ever to celebrate because they are  reminders of what this library is truly about: community. Yet, at one point, there was quite a discussion over whether the library should be named  "public" or "community." 
What's in a name, you ask? Would our library be so sweet, if it were Nederland Public Library rather than Nederland Community Library? 
In a column written over 20 years ago, Hughes Moir, one of the Founding Fathers of the library, shared the thinking behind the decision, and it still rings true today. 
"It seemed to us that we live in a world growing more public and less personal. What many of us sought--and found--in settling here (Nederland) was an opportunity for a greater sense of connectivity: connections to the natural beauty that surrounds us, and to others who share that love of our area. We found, in Nederland, a community. 
"The Library was not conceived as a storehouse of materials and machines governed by a few folks for the benefit of 'the public.' More than that, we want to bring together the interests of the broadest number of individuals, families, and groups that define us as a community, through cooperative and collaborative effort."
Hughes, you and all the Founding Mothers, Fathers, and Parents of NCL were prescient and timeless, the best attributes of any library.  
Sadly, for many in our community these past few months have been more than the dark days of a tilting earth. COVID-19 has brought unprecedented hardships and losses.  
This month, let's light a candle in our hearts and windows for solidarity and hope as together we share communal faith in the healing powers of a great community and a GREAT library!
Read further for some of the many ways we hope to bring light into your lives this winter season.

Yule Ball

December 20, 4-5:30PM

(aka Take & Make Magical Gift Parcel) TO THE BALL must be picked up at Platform 9 3/4 between Thursday, December 17, and Saturday, December 19, at the Nederland Library Station.

All communication and further instructions will occur through NCL's Transfiguration Professor,

Please RSVP by December 16 and include your Hogwarts House affiliation.

The Magic Portal will only allow the first 25 to pass, so RSVP soon!

Virtual Cookbook Club

Join us on Thursday, Dec. 10, at 7 pm for a special December Book Talk on Zoom, dedicated to your favorite Holiday Cookbooks and recipes. 
We might even be joined by some local celebrity chefs!
Register here

Teen Scene:  Display your art with us!

Art has become central to many of our lives this pandemic year and the library would love to showcase all the creativity of our mountain Teens (6th-12 graders).  

Please contact us here for more information.  

Take & Make

Winter Holiday Fun!
Our Thanksgiving Holiday programs with Miss Jess were so popular, we're doing it again!
Sign up here!  These fill up quickly!
New Year Garlands, Tuesday, December 29th, 2PM
Confetti Poppers, Thursday, December 31st, 2PM. 

NCL Humble Brag!

Forgive our humble brag excitement, but NCL won FIRST PLACE in the 2020 Entrepreneurship & Libraries Conference @TheTable Pitch Contest!
What did we pitch? Our awesome library and its videography services!
What are we doing with our prize money? Investing it in YOU!
Have no idea what we're talking about? 
If you're a local small business or nonprofit and in need of online marketing and videography support, contact us here. We are also looking for high school interns!

Home Delivery Service

Our Subarus have become our modern day pack burros!
Contact us for more information
303-258-1101 (10am-2pm Mon-Sat; 4-7 Thurs)
All materials are disinfected before being placed in your delivery package, and your package is handled by a librarian and driver wearing a mask and gloves.
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