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March 14, 2023

  1. Message from the Interim Director of Extension
  2. Save the Date - Extension Conference
  3. WRRC Seminar Series: Harnessing the Power of Geophysical Imaging to Recharge California’s Groundwater 
  4. UA Wildcat Corps Summer Service Positions
  5. Extension Specialist (Associate/Full) and Director of UACE SNAP-ED & EFNEP in the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness 
  6. WRRC Special Event: Impressions and Takeaways from the UN 2023 Water Conference
  7. 2023 Spring Artificial Insemination (AI) Clinic
  8. Volunteers Needed for a Research Study of Vegetables
  9. Volunteers Needed for a Research Study of Grapes
  10. New Extension Publication

Message from the Interim Director of Extension 

 Since Ed is out this week, we (Garfield and Otis) thought we would help with his Tuesday Extension Notes. We’re sure Dad wouldn’t mind if we reminded everyone to be sure to take time to be with their family during this Spring Break season. This, of course, means your extended family too, which includes your pets. Some extra walking time or a group nap on the sofa are great ways to spend some relaxing time with your four-legged family members. For those of you who do not have a pet, we would be happy to share with you what an impact we have on people’s lives, including reducing stress, increasing happiness, and making everyone feel loved. Ed will return next week to bore you with his road adventures or some Extension story. The truth is the best part of his day is when we greet him walking through the door. Come to think of it, that’s the best part of our day too! Dogs Rule – Otis and Garfield. 

Save the Date

What: Arizona Cooperative Extension Annual Conference
When: August 2-4, 2023
Where: University of Arizona Campus, Tucson

More info to come on registration, call for proposals, posters, and Heart of Extension Awards!

WRRC Seminar Series: Harnessing the Power of Geophysical Imaging to Recharge California’s Groundwater 

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm Arizona Time 

Speaker: Rosemary Knight, George L. Harrington Professor of Earth Sciences, Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University 

It is time for a new way of thinking about water management in California. Rather than treating floods and droughts as two independent problems, there is growing support for a form of managed aquifer recharge (MAR), flood-MAR: capturing and storing, underground, the floodwaters so that they recharge the groundwater depleted during the times of drought. This WRRC Seminar presentation will discuss the use of geophysical imaging methods to support the search for optimal locations for recharge. The team’s focus is identifying the sites that have the desirable geologic attribute: interconnected pathways of coarse-grained materials that can maximize the quantity and rate of recharge. With a state-wide investment in the acquisition of airborne geophysical data, and with access to a recently developed towed geophysical system, the team has developed the computational workflows needed to use geophysical imaging for both regional scale and local scale assessment. Through a web-based application – fastpath – workflows are being made available for use. By advancing adoption of geophysics, the team is contributing in a foundational way to furthering sustainable groundwater management. 


UA Wildcat Corps Summer Service Positions
Spend the summer making a difference.

UA Wildcat Corps is excited to announce they are recruiting for AmeriCorps summer service positions. These positions are perfect for students, teachers, or anyone who wants to use their summer to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.   

Examples of some of these community service positions include: Hopi FRTEP Assistant,  UACE Pima County Tucson Village Farm,   UACE Pinal County 4-H Youth Development,  UACE Gila County 4-H Youth DevelopmentUACE San Carlos Apache Tribe Instructional AideUACE Yavapai County Program Assistant 4-H,  UACE 4-H Camp Program Specialist (onsite lodging and meals provided for this camp position).

Benefits include a living allowance of $3,600 and an educational award upon successful completion of the term of $1,374.   

To see a list of other positions in Arizona type “UACE”  in the Program Name section at  My AmeriCorps Search Portal. For more information about UA Wildcat Corps email clipin@arizona.edu.  

These 10-week terms of service will run from late May to the end of July.   However, members must be interviewed and selected prior to April 21, 2023.  So do not wait to apply. 

Extension Specialist (Associate/Full) and Director of UACE SNAP-ED & EFNEP in the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness. 

The School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness and Cooperative Extension welcome applicants for a twelve-month, continuing-track Associate Specialist or Specialist position responsible for leadership, strategic planning, and program direction of statewide nutrition and physical activity programs. Minimum qualifications include: a doctorate degree in Nutritional Sciences, or a related discipline; a record of scholarly accomplishments; and a record of managing nutrition, physical activity, or related Family, Consumer, and Health Sciences programming.

Please share the following position profile link with your professional networks:  https://summitsearchsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/UArizona_CoopExt_Specialist_Profile.pdf

Interested applicants should use this online portal to apply: https://theapplicantmanager.com/jobs?pos=su348

WRRC Special Event: Impressions and Takeaways from the UN 2023 Water Conference

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Arizona Time

Speakers: Andrea K. Gerlak, Director, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy and Professor, School of Geography, Development and Environment, UArizona; Sharon B. Megdal, Director, Water Resources Research Center, UArizona; Wilzave Quiles Guzmán, MS Student, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, UArizona

The UN 2023 Water Conference, scheduled for March 22–24, 2023, will bring together over 6,500 people from across the globe. Only the second UN water conference (the first was held in 1977 in Argentina), the three-day event is co-hosted by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Tajikistan. The many sessions and side events at the conference will showcase the global momentum for addressing the broad challenges surrounding water, particularly efforts to further achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.” Join University of Arizona delegates Professor Andrea K. Gerlak, WRRC Director Sharon B. Megdal, and Graduate Student Wilzave Quiles Guzmán for a special webinar discussion.


2023 Spring Artificial Insemination (AI) Clinic

Artificial Insemination (AI) has been shown to improve the genetic quality of a herd, increase consistency and value to a calf crop, eliminate the need to purchase, house, and feed a full bull battery, shorten breeding and calving season, and generally improve the profitability of a livestock production operation.

If you are interested in adding an AI program into your livestock operation, please join us for our 2.5-day AI Clinic at our UA Experimental Ranch, V Bar V, near Camp Verde March 24-26th, 2023. Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire AI process and will include hands-on practice including live animals. Cost is $800, first-come basis, non-refundable, and includes a take-home AI kit ($350 value), AI Manual, flash drive with all the presentations, and lunch on Sat. and BBQ on Sunday. Registration is limited to 12 participants.

Registration will open Monday, February 27, 2023. Please contact Dominque Arias at the Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Office, (928) 445-6590. For further questions, please contact Andrew Brischke (928) 753-3788 or brischke@cals.arizona.edu 


Volunteers Needed for a Research Study of Vegetables

  Are you 18-65 years old?
•  Are you interested in increasing your daily vegetable consumption?
•  Do you want to learn simple new recipes?

You may qualify if you meet the following criteria:
  Not on a vegan or vegetarian diet
  Willing and able to eat vegetables provided by Tucson Village Farm

  4 weeks of vegetable consumption (5 servings a day)
  Weekly culinary classes at Tucson Village Farm (2201 E. Roger Road Tucson, AZ 85719)
  Participants begin consumption on date of enrollment or 4 weeks later
  Measurements of blood pressure and blood markers of cholesterol

For more information, please call 520-621-5382 or email FBHlab@email.arizona.edu. Mention the Easy Peasy Study and leave your name and number.

Volunteers Needed for a Research Study of Grapes

For more information, please call 520-621-5382 or email fbhlab@email.arizona.edu, mention the Grape Study, and leave your name and number

New Extension Publication

AZ 4-H Shooting Sports: Program Overview
Ashley JS Menges and Joshua Farella

Shooting sports programs are a wonderful way to connect youth with safely trained caring adult mentors. Certified volunteers teach safe and appropriate firearms/archery etiquette and provide youth with leadership and competition opportunities. Shooting sports certifications are also a great avenue for volunteer professional development, with opportunities to become certified to teach youth, adult level 1 instructors, and nationally certified level 2 instructors. Young people can also take on leadership roles in clubs as Youth Instructors. Like any project, there are opportunities for members and volunteers to participate at county, state, and national levels. In addition, there are a few key requirements found in shooting sports that other 4-H projects do not have. Read through the information below to learn how to grow a shooting sports program in your county!


TEN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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