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October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016  |  A weekly publication of the National Speech & Debate Association
Dear Coach,

Read on for election related classroom content and what we're excited about this week! 
Rural School Forum » As part of our effort to learn more about the challenges of rural school participation in speech and debate, and to encourage programs in rural communities, the NSDA is exhibiting at the Rural Education National Forum in Columbus, Ohio, this week. If your school is attending, please ask them to stop by Booth 10 on the second floor!
Member Appreciation Month » We have to confess, we think you’re a pretty big deal. You change the lives of students every day by helping them share their voices with speech and debate. That's why October is all about celebrating you. Every Wednesday we have a new prize to give away to our members! Congratulations to Jordan Bakken from Tea Area High School for winning a $25 giftcard to the Speech & Debate Store! Be sure to follow us for your chance to win! 
Policy Debate Topic Voting » This week is the last chance for chapter advisors and member students to help select the 2017-2018 Policy Debate resolution. To access the link to vote online, visit and follow the online ballot instructions. The two most preferred topic areas will be placed on a second online ballot in November. Voting closes October 15 at 4:00 p.m. CT.
Voices of the Future Polls & Watch Parties » Thank you to the coaches and students who attended watch parties across the country for the Vice Presidential Debate and to the hundreds of others who participated in our online polling. As part of our Voices of the Future program, we will also host a national poll throughout the Presidential Debate on October 19. We know that we can count on you to inform students and to encourage them to participate. Click here for a customizable flyer to distribute. Our goal is to have thousands of students and coaches participate in our poll so help us spread the word! If you are interested in hosting a future watch party as part of our program, email to learn more.
EF Hutton Town Hall Debate » Last week, Executive Director Scott Wunn had the opportunity to moderate the EF Hutton Town Hall Debate between Peter Navarro and Austan Goolsbee, economic advisors to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, respectively. Reasons to check it out: the debate takes a deep dive into the economic policies of the presidential candidates, it's a chance to see former National Champion Goolsbee putting his speech and debate skills to use, and it features your national organization being tapped to facilitate a high profile debate. Take a look here and use the video for your team or classes! 
Bingo Cards » The VP Debate bingo cards were a big hit with students and a great way to keep them engaged throughout the night! Bring the debates into your classroom or watch party by asking students to fill out a card with buzzwords they think will be used in the debate and giving a prize to the first blackout card. Click here to download your card.  
Policy Debate Starter Files » Members, jump into the season with the 2016-2017 Policy Debate Starter files, written by coach Sean Kennedy. Get started prepping here!  
Resource Package Exclusives » There is a ton of upcoming content you can access with the Resource Package in October and November! Subscribers can look forward to the LD Topic Analysis Update, outlining affirmative and negative arguments and approaches to the topic. Fall will also bring an expanded PF Topic Research Guide and exclusive practice Extemp questions to help students prep. The Policy Debate Files Updates will provide new arguments and expansions throughout the year to keep files fresh. For novices and experienced competitors alike, these resources are a great way to practice for big fall tournaments! Visit our Resource page and use the "Resource Pkg" filter to see a complete list of tools and content. 
Student List » Coaches, you can generate a list of your students and their account usernames using the Points ApplicationAt the top of your School Profile page, there is a link to Export Student List. This creates a spreadsheet of your students, including their usernames. 
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