Make This Pop-Up Card!
Make This Pop-Up Card!

How to Make a Rocket Pop-Up Card

Making a pop-up card is the perfect way to celebrate any space enthusiast! 

All you will need is is some construction paper, scrapbook paper (or cardstock), scissors, drawing supplies, and adhesive. Watch the video above to learn more!

Trivia Tuesday 

Join us for a fun round of trivia! Do you know how many natural states of matter there are? Leave your guess on our social media accounts to find the answer!

Spark of STEM 

Make a Moon rover at home from @vivfystem! All you need is: 

- Scissors & Tape
- Coin cell battery
- Vibrating motor
- 2 Bendy straws
- Ping Pong Ball
- Paper cup
- 3 Pieces of construction paper
Find the instructional video at under STEM video resources.
Keep STEM strong this summer! @vivifystem has a blog, free resources, as welll as STEM lessons on their website which was co-founded by two women Aerospace engineers, turned STEM educators. 

Look out for our weekly posts on social media with videos, photos, and other resources that will spark your attention! Follow along and learn more about these amazing content creators that are passionate about STEM.
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