Goo to Absorb Shock, Social Security Scam Warning, Fall Recipes and Crafts
Goo to Absorb Shock, Social Security Scam Warning, Fall Recipes and Crafts
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  October 2019  
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Balloon Artist Will Blow You Away
Masayoshi Matsumoto creates amazingly intricate animals using only balloons, creativity, and extremely nimble fingers.
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Revolutionary Goo Absorbs Shock
D30 goo is used inside football helmets to protect players from head traumas as well as inside motorcycle helmets and shoes.
Meet Blaine and Billy!

Arco Chief Blaine Cummins, Arco Plant Supervisor
Introducing Blaine, ATC's "Arco Chief", otherwise known as Arco's Plant Supervisor. Blaine has been taking care of the Arco, Mackay, Moore, and Howe areas since 2000. When Blaine is not busy traveling to his kids' sporting events, he can be found camping and boating with them at nearby lakes. Blaine enjoys any home-cooked meal — as long as it's made with real butter and served with salad and Pepsi. Having come from a large family, Blaine has deep roots in the Lost River Valley, and is honored to live and work amongst friends. We're thankful to have Blaine overseeing our Arco area!

Fusion Fanatic Billy Allphin, Combo Tech Representative
Billy works in our Albion service area, and began his career with ATC in 2007. As a combo technician, Billy spends most of his days in the great outdoors — maintaining and upgrading our newly built fiber network. In fact, Billy has become ATC's "Fusion Fanatic", specializing in fusing (or splicing) fiber optic cable together. In his free time Billy is a devoted outdoorsman; one who enjoys hunting and fishing expeditions (as well as occasionally showing off his unusual birthmark). We're thankful to have this steak-loving, Mountain Dew drinking family-man on our ATC team.
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Good News Network  
Good News Network
An antidote to the negativity in most media, this site features only positive news stories.
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Find helpful articles in the categories of Parenting, Seniors, House & Home, and Pets.
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Organized Home  
Organized Home
Time for fall cleaning? Get a chore checklist plus tips on cutting clutter and organizing.
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Creamy Pumpkin Soup
Fresh pumpkin is blended with potatoes, carrots, and more to produce this delicious soup for fall dinners.
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Salted Caramel Apple Slab Pie
This dessert is quick and easy to prepare. It's also a perfect way to use the apples from local orchards.
Learn on the go with this app. It offers more than 25,000 classes to fuel your creativity and career.
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Find the best way to get from point A to point B, anywhere in the world, using just one search.
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This budget tracker for the modern age uses a virtual form of the envelope budgeting method.
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Pumpkin Decorating Without Carving
This video offers seven ways to decorate pumpkins using stencils, markers, paint, gold leaf, and more.
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10 DIY Halloween Decorations
These easy-to-make decorations include a framed spider web, spooky wreaths, and creepy jar heads.
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