News and Updates from Kennesaw State UITS
News and Updates from Kennesaw State UITS

July 2021

Explore the Phish Market 

UITS has observed a significant increase in the number of phishing emails being sent to campus, asking recipients to “Send me your available cell phone number” after which the malicious individual begins a campaign (via text messages) to try and get you to purchase gift cards.   

Please be on the lookout for these and similar messages and only provide information to individuals with whom you are familiar. If you have responded to one of these messages, please immediately contact KSU’s Office of Cybersecurity by email: 

How can you identify what is legitimate and what is not? 
  • Look for EXTERNAL in the email subject line and the display name on the “From:” address. Verify that the name on the email corresponds with the email address. For example, the name on the address could be KSU Service Desk, but if the email address does not contain “, the email is likely spam or phishing.

  • Check the links. Locate any links within the message and without clicking on them, hover the cursor over the link. Does the address make sense and match the rest of the content of the email? For example, links to most KSU or USG sites will include or The same is typically true of other companies.

  • Take time to think it through. Phishers can use company logos, photos, and even spoof email addresses to make their attempts look more legitimate. Take extra caution in reviewing an email that you didn’t expect to receive and asks you to take action.

  • Regularly check the Phish Market. The Phish Market is a service from the Office of Cybersecurity cataloging known phishing attempts and other malicious emails targeting the campus. 

  • Report malicious/suspicious emails.  If you have reviewed the email and are still unsure of its authenticity, please forward it to for the Office of Cybersecurity to review. 
For additional information on this and other malicious emails targeting the campus, please check the Phish Market.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Decommissioning

UITS is committed to bringing the Kennesaw State University community the best-in-class tools to provide an optimum teaching and learning experience.  As new tools and resources are deployed and improved, we must reassess our product collection. With the increased capabilities of Microsoft Teams as a more robust platform for interactive meetings, UITS will be decommissioning Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.  New sessions may be recorded in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra until JULY 30, 2021, but users are strongly encouraged to shift to Microsoft Teams Meetings as soon as possible.  Existing videos and chat logs from sessions can be downloaded (until September 30, 2021) and migrated to Kaltura MediaSpace.  On October 1, 2021, all content (sessions and chat logs) in Collaborate Ultra will be automatically deleted and the service will be completely decommissioned from the KSU campus. 

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Have you tried the KSU Self-Service Portal?

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