Artistic expression in its purrest form
Dear Friend,

It's 2018! To start off the new year:

I resolve to draw more. I began last month, with minimal cat art.
They're cute! Take a look.

I'm going back to school.
As part of my academic plan I'm enrolled in the Design Thinking for Collaborative Innovation program, where I'm thrilled to be exploring how visual communication can be used together with design thinking to help groups solve problems and explore new ideas.
What are you working on this year? Maybe I can help. If you'd like to discuss an upcoming project, get in touch.
Thanks for reading,
Extreme Re-Branding
Newfields: A Place for Nature and the Arts - 2017

Indianapolis Museum of Art has become Newfields, changing its name, logo and mission from an institution focused on contemporary art to one that promotes art along with its outdoor spaces and cafes: "The campus… is ideal for performances, afternoon walks, kite-flying, cloud-gazing, memory-making, new-idea-having. There’s… restaurants for relaxing, bars for microbrews and friendships."

While art museums strapped for visitors need to adapt and innovate to appeal to a broader range of audiences, have they gone too far? W
ith no contemporary art exhibitions planned for 2018 and relevant research and historical content removed from their website, I can't help but wonder if they've alienated their loyal fans in a bid for new ones.

Have you been to the "old" IMA? What do you think about the new changes?
[And here's a discussion solely about the merits of the new "N" mark: a glimpse into what logo designers say when they talk amongst themselves.]
The Value of a Visual Practitioner
the value of a visual practitioner
Just for Fun
Harold and the Purple Crayon

Remember Harold and the Purple Crayon? Boy, could that kid could draw...

Julia Reich of Stone Soup Creative is a branding consultant, graphic designer and graphic recorder

Some of the clients Julia's been working with recently include The Center for New York City Affairs at The New School, Educational Video Center and Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Learn more about Julia and Stone Soup.

If you're ready to get started with a project, let's talk
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