More of the Coolest Minds in STEM!
More of the Coolest Minds in STEM!

More of the Coolest Minds in STEM!


X-STEM All Access is a free virtual conference series for middle and high schoolers designed to get students excited about STEM.

Students will get an inside look into the exciting careers and inspiring personal journeys of diverse STEM role models through a lively Q&A session with a fellow STEM professional.  The 30-minute episodes will premiere throughout the school year and will be available on-demand to fit in your schedule.  X-STEM is geared towards students in grades 6 to 12, but kids and adults of all ages welcome!

Educators – Fit the episodes into your class time or assign to watch as a fun homework activity

Parents – Utilize episodes as an at-home STEM enrichment activity

Students – Tune-in anytime to be inspired and learn about STEM careers of the future
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In the News this Week

World Water Day
World Water Day was held on March 22, 2022. The goal of World Water Day is to promote the responsible use of water and access to safe water for everyone. Water holds immense value. Every day, people use water in different ways including drinking, agriculture, industry, recreation, hygiene, sanitation, and health care.

5Gyers San Francisco Bay Microplastic Project

The San Francisco Bay Microplastics Project was designed to provide critical data on sources and pathways of microplastics in the Bay Area, and generate scientifically supported, regional recommendations for solutions to plastic pollution. Read more about this research here.  

Spark of STEM

In celebration of World Water Day, Mrs. Nancy Bullard shows us an amazing property of water, refraction! Check out our Instagram page for the whole video. Try this experiment at home or in your classroom! 

It's Women's History Month! 

Join us for the month of March as we learn about women, past and present, who have made an impact in STEM! Today we learn about Chien-Shiung Wu. Chien-Shiung Wu was a Chinese American physicist. In 1956, she was asked to devise an experiment to prove a theory that the law of conservation of parity did not hold true during beta decay. Wu's experiments, which utilized radioactive cobalt at near absolute zero temperatures, proved that identical nuclear particles do not always act alike. Later in life, Chien-Shiung Wu was the first woman to serve as president of the American Physical Society. Learn more about Chien-Shiung Wu here

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